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How to Avoid Stampedes at Your Mega-Events?

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Avoid Stampedes at Mega Events

The world has faced the worst stampede incidents in the last few years, which took the lives of hundreds of people on the spot. Hundreds more were injured in these incidents and faced a tough time continuing their lives. Mega events are meant to offer entertainment and enjoyment to the attendees. However, the event can become the worst memory for many if it is not organized efficiently. Walk through this article to learn more tips on you can avoid stampedes at mega-events.

Stampedes can be controlled and avoided with proper event planning and management. You need to pay enough attention to the venue and crowd management to avoid unfortunate happenings. On top of all this, having a well-trained staff is crucial for mega-events. You can explore and implement specific tips to ensure your mega event does not get swept away in a stampede incident.

Give an in-depth read to this article to explore and learn how you can avoid stampedes at mega events and ensure the safety and well-being of all event attendees efficiently.

Top 6 Tips to Avoid Stampedes at Mega Events

Stampede incidents are not too common, but they are higher chances of their eruption at mega-events. Handling large crowds of attendees is not an easy job, specifically if you do not have any prior experience. The stampede can turn into the worst incident of the decade, so make sure you are fully prepared to offer a safe and enjoyable experience to the attendees.

Here are some of the major tips to help you avoid stampedes at mega events and keep potential disasters and destructions at bay.

1. Pick a Bigger Venue

The very first tip you can follow to avoid stampedes at your mega event is to pick a bigger venue. The event venue does not only have to be in a central location, but it should be perfectly sized. You must be well aware of the expected number of attendees for your event and only pick the venue which can easily accommodate them. Most stampede incidents occur due to congested, narrow, and overcrowded venues. Many organizations hire experts from Dubai events company to pick, review and decorate the perfect venues for successful events.

2. Include Multiple Entry and Exit Points

The next tip you can follow to keep your mega event from stampede incidents is to include multiple entry and exit points. Events usually have two to three entry and exit points to manage the crowd easily. However, if thousands of people are joining your event, you need to increase entry and exit points. Make sure the points are also spacious enough to offer quick exits in case of an emergency. On top of all this, ensure safe and spacious access to the parking too.

3. Manage Crowd Flow

Another essential tip you must follow to avoid stampede incidents at mega events is managing the crowd flow. You can divide the venue into various zones and ensure they are separate from each other. It is possible for concerts and sports events where people do not specifically need to interact at large scales. You can allow groups of friends to be on the same side if they are in different zones. Most importantly, make proper arrangements for security staff to lead the people in the right direction.

4. Ensure Smooth Hardware

Another significant tip you can follow to limit stampede cases at mega events is ensuring smooth hardware. The event venue might have smaller doors which can become problematic for crowd management. Moreover, smaller escalators or elevators can also create tension and frustration in the crowd. You can specifically get rid of narrow exits, no matter if they are doors, stairs, or any other thing. Install the hardware that does not halt the mobility of crowds.

5. Plan Evacuation

Quick and smooth evacuation becomes necessary in case of stampede scenarios. However, exit points are often jammed in such a scenario which keeps worsening the overall situation. The best possible solution to the issue is planning the evacuation beforehand. Do not just plan for a normal evacuation at the end of the event. Develop strategies to evacuate panicked and restless crowds, which can cause stampedes. You can even organize mock evacuation drills with mock attendees and ensure you do not lose control of the situation at any point.

6. Include Enough Support Staff

The last tip you should essentially follow to limit the stampede incident at your mega event is to include enough support staff. You can ensure the staff is well-trained to handle emergencies and evacuate the crowds safely and quickly. Quick action from the management’s side restores the attendees’ faith and keeps them from acting independently. It significantly lowers fatalities. You can hire experts from Dubai events company to manage and train support staff and prioritize the safety of attendees in unfortunate scenarios.

Are you planning a mega event?

Pay more attention to crowd management and entry and exits for mega-events. Do not hesitate to contact and get Profesional Event Organizers in Dubai onboard as it concerns the safety and well-being of event attendees.

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