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Top 5 Websites For Streaming Video Games Where Users Can Make Money

by janeausten

There are many different websites for gamers to broadcast their video games. These include Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and WPC2022.live dashboard. These platforms provide various options to get paid for your gameplay. Streamers can also make money off of advertisements. To get started, create an account and start streaming.


Streaming games is a lucrative activity, and YouTube has become one of the top websites where users can make money. Users can create and sell videos, stream live to any device, and track subscriber growth and churn. In addition, YouTube allows users to own their audience’s contact information. In 2017, Francis Long launched a YouTube channel based on his passion for memory books. By the end of his first month, he had more than 17,000 subscribers and over 600 thousand views. In addition, he had posted almost 100 videos, and earned over $380 in a good month.

There are certain rules that YouTube enforces when it comes to content, though. Some content is prohibited, including videos that encourage subscribers, offer free content, or offer “subscriptions” to other creators. Another violation of YouTube’s rules is posting the same comment on multiple videos. Another violation of the policy is promoting products or services without paying for them.


If you enjoy playing video games, then you might be interested in earning some cash from your streams. There are many platforms where you can do this. Among the top ones are Twitch and Facebook Gaming. Both of these websites let you earn real money by live streaming. You can get tips and subscriptions from your viewers and even sell products. Moreover, these sites offer their own currencies.

To make money with video game streaming, you need to build a following. It is important to produce high-quality content for your viewers. If you manage to attract a loyal fan base, you can earn more money by selling virtual tickets to your streams. You can also use StreamTick, a dedicated ticketing system for live streaming events on Facebook and Youtube. Once you establish yourself as a popular streamer, you can also expand your business and earn more money by streaming other games.

wpc2022.live dashboard

WPC2022 is a live dashboard where users can make money while playing online games. To get started, users need to create a username and password. They can also fill in their personal information such as their birth date and first name. After creating an account, WPC2022 will send them instructions on how to earn money. Upon completing the instructions, the user will receive points that are converted into real cash.

If the user has a WPC2022.live dashboard, he/she can view the progress and score in his/her account. Those who are not able to participate in the game can view his/her account event status and apply for a new session. WPC2022 also allows participants to transfer their scores from their old session to the new one. The registration process is easy.


Twitch is a live-streaming website where users can upload video game footage and talk with their viewers in real-time. It started in 2011 and has rapidly grown in popularity. As of October 2013, it boasted 45 million unique viewers. Today, it has over 15 million daily active users. There are many different ways to make money streaming video games on Twitch.

While Twitch has its fair share of pitfalls, the platform is still a great place to start streaming for monetization. The platform has a great user community and has many features for those who want to make money streaming video games. However, if you are serious about becoming a successful streamer, you should invest in high-end hardware and software.


Bigo is an application that allows people to stream live and earn money. The website is based in Singapore and is popular all over the world. The app lets you create live videos and earn money from your followers by selling individual or business products. You can even create podcasts and interview influential people in your niche in order to increase your following and income.

If you are interested in becoming a social media influencer, BIGO Live is the perfect platform to get started. The application is full of cool stickers and filters that can make you stand out from other users. It also allows you to raise cute pets online and share updates with your friends.

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