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Top 5 Most Visited Websites in Philippines

by janeausten

While the internet is a global phenomenon, it still divides people according to their purpose and cultural background. In some countries, people spend more time watching TV and using social media than they do browsing the web. In other countries, geoblocking prevents Internet users from accessing certain websites. Furthermore, huge swathes of Asia and Africa do not even have access to the internet at all. Despite these differences, Hostinger wants to help website owners build the websites their dream audience will visit. With this in mind, Hostinger has mapped the Top 5 most visited websites across each region of the world, including the top news websites, banking websites, and more.


In the Philippines, Google.com is one of the most popular websites. Last year, it received a whopping 1.05 billion visits a month, with 53.8 million unique visitors. The Philippines is among the countries that heavily rely on the Internet. Its popularity extends beyond information and entertainment.


According to a recent study, the average Filipino spends almost four hours online every day, and 87% of this time is spent watching online video content. This figure is based on a survey conducted by Kantar TNS in conjunction with YouTube. The study found that the top five most popular websites in the Philippines are:

wpc 2029 live

The WPC 2029 live dashboard allows you to manage your account and access the dashboard through your Android phone. The free version of this application doesn’t have the live interface but can be downloaded as an APK and used on a computer. The free version also has an exit button. When you register for the WPC 2029 live dashboard, you will have to enter your mobile number. The SMS you receive will contain a password.

The WPC2029 live dashboard is an online platform where you can participate in tournaments and enter contests. It also provides information about upcoming events and rules of the WPC games. You can also sign up for the WPC Facebook page, which will be updated with information about upcoming events.


If you have ever wished to read manga online, MangaNato is the place to go. This website features a wide variety of genres, from horror to sports, to science fiction. It also provides readers with a way to keep track of comics they have read. Users can also log in to read their activity history.

Another popular manga website is Manganato. It has a large variety of manga titles, including popular series, and offers many features. For instance, users can choose to view pages in light or dark theme, filter pornographic content, and save their favorite comics to a bookmark. In addition, the site is easy to navigate and does not have annoying pop-up advertisements. Users can access Manganato from any platform, including mobile devices and PCs.


In the Philippines, Facebook is one of the most popular websites among Filipinos. It has a user base of 18 to 24 years old, who are outgoing and energetic. They are fun-loving yet earnest. While Facebook can be used for personal and business purposes, it can also be used for social campaigns and activism.

The site is not limited to the Philippines. Users from all over the world can create accounts and use the service to share information. There are several Filipinos who work for Facebook. The website is a popular place for people to share their experiences. In fact, Facebook’s global presence has spawned a number of jobs.

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