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Largest Airports in World

by janeausten

Transportation industry has moving towards up and air traffic has been rising day by day all over world, airlines are becoming larger and larger to provide accommodation maximum passengers. Largest Airports in World.

Air transport has seen tremendous growth in last few decades and effectively grabbed huge portion of the passengers used roads and sea to travel. On the other hand Airlines also managed to magnetize commerce industry to business through airplanes by giving them sensible customized packages.

One of reason to construct large airports is the massive number of passenger traffic pass through on daily basis while second reason is to provide utmost space for landing and departure of flights on Airports.

There are number of large airports in the world but we talking about largest airports with respect to its area, the list to top ten largest airports is given below.

King Fahd International Airport :

World’s largest airport with respect to land area of 78000. King Fahd International Airport has been located in northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Operated by General Authority of Civil Aviation. The airport has been publicly opened fifteen year ago. And considered as major hub for Saudi Arabia. The six-story terminal of airport has been divided in such as way that three of its terminal has allocated for passengers processing, third level for arrivals, fourth level is for boarding and sixth level is for departures while a Royal terminal is reserved for Saudi Royal Family, government high profile personnel and official guests.

Denver International Airport :

The largest airport in the United States of total area 13726 ha and second largest in the world Denver International Airport is hub for major airlines like United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Great Lakes Airlines. City and County of Denver Department of Aviation owned and operated airport has 31,004,575 annual passengers and 635,445 flights operation which is pretty high in actual because the data has been verified since 2012. Denver International Airport has named as Best Airport in North America and America’s Best Run Airport by well known magazine of United States. Checkout more stuff regarding to expensive stuff at sportspayouts.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport :

Located halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth the International Airport has been approached by various sounded cities of United States. The airport is one of largest airports in the world and second largest in the United States cavers the area of 7800 ha and major hub for American Airlines, Ameriflight and UPS Airlines. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has five terminals naming A, B, C, D and E for flights operations having 165 gates, constructed in well manner to reduce the distance of passenger from its car to airbus. See which most expensive jets sports celebrities used at Dallas Worth International Airport.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport :

Shanghai Pudong International Airport has great importance for major international flights and serving as hub for most of Asian airlines such as DHL Aviation, China Cargo Airlines, FedEx Express, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Yangtze River Express. China’s third busiest airport has been spread on land area of 3350 ha and stands among the largest airports in the world which facilitate 51,661,800 passengers in last year. Pudong International Airport has been operated by Pudong International Airport, is home to two major terminals while third one would be planned to open in last of this year.

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