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Coronavirus Apps and Their Dashboards

by janeausten

The Guidesafe Coronavirus apps are developed by SORMAS, an organization dedicated to the promotion of open source technologies for public health. They comply with WHO containment and data protection standards, and are designed to meet the specific needs of public health service users. The apps are easy to use and have user-friendly dashboards, allowing anyone to make informed decisions in the midst of a crisis.


A new mobile app is being rolled out in Rhode Island for residents to monitor their vaccinations and travel histories. The Crush COVID RI app is available for iOS and Android devices. It will also let residents track and report their symptoms. This app will allow state health officials to better understand the spread of the COVID-19 virus and how the virus can be prevented. The chief information technology officer and enterprise applications for the state’s department of health is emphasizing privacy when it comes to the information collected on residents.

The app is available in two languages: English and Spanish. It allows residents to show their vaccination records without having to carry a paper card. The app will also help residents track their symptoms and find resources if they become ill.

Care19 Diary

The Care19 Diary for Coronavirus apps and dashboards are available for Android and iOS devices. Like the government’s website, the apps allow you to track COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths in real-time. They also allow you to keep track of your vaccination history. This means you’ll know if you’re at risk for getting the disease. The apps are free and are updated twice a week, ensuring you’ll get the latest information on the spread of the disease.

While these apps are useful for public health, they aren’t perfect. There are many privacy concerns, and some people are wary about trusting medical apps with their data. Still, care must be taken to ensure the safety of the public. Many of the apps are clinically developed and open-source, and many follow rigorous ethical guidelines.

pnp coda

PNP CODA dashboards help healthcare providers and government officials track trends in epidemics and diseases. They display data from various sources and provide easy-to-use interactive graphs and calendars. The dashboards also enable PNP officers to share patient information with other health care providers. These applications can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices, and can even notify users when a disease outbreak is imminent.

The PNPCODA dashboards are free and easy to use. They allow users to input data from their PC or mobile device with a click of a button. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all data stored in the PNPCODA database. The data is easily searchable and can be shared with health care providers and researchers. The PNPCODA portal is also beneficial to civilians who want to stay abreast of global health news.


GuideSafe Coronavirus apps and their dashboards help public health officials monitor the spread of the disease and help prevent further outbreaks. They provide detailed information about the disease and tools for contact tracing.

GuideSafe Coronavirus apps use Google and Apple tools to detect proximity. This allows the app to send notifications to people within six feet of the user and 15 minutes away. The apps are free and updated two times a week. They also include the latest infection rate statistics worldwide and contact tracing tools.


Coronavirus apps and dashboards are useful in monitoring outbreaks of the virus, and are increasingly being used by health departments, government agencies, colleges, and universities to help people stay informed and reduce the spread of the virus. These apps help people keep track of their symptoms, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and limit contact with other people infected with the virus. The apps also collect information on demographics, neighborhoods, and hospitalizations. This information can be used to track clusters of neighborhoods in areas with high levels of virus cases.

COVIDSafe app data is stored on devices for 21 days, which corresponds to the incubation period of the coronavirus, as well as the time it takes to confirm a positive test result. Contacts are continuously noted during the incubation period, and the app deletes them once they are older than 21 days. The data is stored in an encrypted database on the phone, and nobody can access it without your consent. However, if the individual infected with COVID is a child, consent will be sought from their parents.

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