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How Can Women Grow Her Hair?

by janeausten

When we talk to any woman about her hair, they do not seem happy about it. According to the research, 50-70% of women are facing hair problems like hair loss, dry hair, dandruff, and oily scalp. Movies have also made people insecure about their hair because they show an ideal case that has taken so much effort, and many people are working on it to look great. But it doesn’t mean that women should not care about their hair if hair growth has stopped and hair fall becomes normal, start caring for hair.

Use shampoo, conditioner, and oil for hair growth, but these products will stop hair loss, and without effort, hair growth will be difficult. Do these things along with oil for hair growth.

Top Oil for Hair Growth

Use Essential Hair Oil

Oiling our hair gives stunning results, but many people have complained of not seeing any benefits of the oil. Many oils promise to provide hair growth and style but don’t work on hair because it has around 70% mineral oil and less number of ingredients that will improve the hair condition. That’s why we will suggest buying essential oil. It is generally obtained from fruit and also helps in skin care.

Take a few drops of essential oil on your palms and apply it gently on the scalp. It will make the hair scalp healthy, improve blood circulation, and stimulate hair growth.

  • Rosehip Oil

It is also a type of essential oil beneficial for hair and skin and made from Rosehip. It contains fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E, and antioxidants. It has many benefits that cover hair scalp, hair, and skin and balance the oiliness. It is one of the best essential oils for people dealing with hair problems as it reduces oiliness and prevents hair from becoming greasy, while on the other hand, it deals with dry skin and reduces itchiness.

Tips to Grow the Hair Faster

Using oil for hair growth is great, but don’t want to wait for a long time. Do these things along with applying hair oil.

  • Eat Healthy Diet

Our eating habits reflect skin, hair, and health. Oil will help to improve hair condition, but the right nutrition will boost hair growth. Add foods to the diet that are rich in vitamins, and there are too many foods that can be a good fit into a healthy diet and will provide nutrition to the hair. Here are some types of vitamins that improve hair growth: vitamins A, C, D, and E, iron, zinc, biotin, and protein. Adding fruit to a diet rich in vitamin A, meat, and fish can be beneficial for hair growth. Even if you don’t eat non-veg, try to consume rich protein.

  • Massage Your Scalp

Having a great message is a gift for the scalp, and without a healthy scalp using top hair oil for hair growth is a waste of time and money. Massaging the scalp every day will make the scalp healthy and stimulate hair growth. It doesn’t take too much time, and 5-10 minutes is enough for the improvement of the scalp. Do the massage at the night before going to bed or at the time of taking shower. Do consider massaging the scalp.

  • Get Regular Trims

Getting regular trim doesn’t mean trimming hair daily. Trim hair every 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Since hair develops split ends, it can lead to hair loss or thinner hair, and dry hair is also the result of split ends. Trim hair regularly to prevent split ends and give the hair a glamorous look.

  • Don’t Over Wash

It is a misconception that washing hair or shampooing hair regularly can improve hair condition. We will say it is a big lie. Washing hair daily will reduce the hydration of the hair and leave it dry. It is advised to people who have dry hair to avoid washing hair too much. Shampooing the hair two-three times a week will not reduce the hydration and will balance the hydration. Because excess oily hair is also not good for hair, and hair will become greasy. Apply conditioner smoothly on hair after shampooing.  

  • Minimize the Use of Heat for Hair Styling

Wet hair doesn’t give hair the best look, and many tools are available like a hair dryer and straightener, that dry the hair and give the desired look. But using this tool for hair styling is not healthy for the hair because it strips away all the hair moisture and natural oil to make it dry.

Wait for hair to dry when hair is wet, and avoid using heating tools. Instead, use a towel, and don’t use it forcibly.


Hair problems are one of the biggest problems every gender is facing. Using oil for hair growth can solve the hair problem, but if you want to grow hair too fast like a celebrity, make a proper routine along with using top hair oil for hair growth. Eat a healthy diet, massage the scalp, use shampoo two-three times a week along with the conditioner and avoid using heat styling products for too much time. Replace normal hair oil with essential hair oil, and visit the Blushlin website to buy essential and organic products. It makes essential and organic products that don’t have any side effects, so buy all the organic beauty products from the Blushlin website.

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