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What should I know about JetBlue’s Baggage Policy?

by janeausten

Like other airlines, JetBlue airlines also offer great policies for passengers. One such policy is the Baggage policy which allows one to carry bags and useful needs freely. There are some limitations in weight for each bag. Know what the policy says for this bag information of JetBlue airlines. 

You must understand how to go for Jetblue Airlines Flight Booking before heading to your destination.

JetBlue Airlines Carry-On

  • JetBlue airlines offer to carry one carry-on with you on the flight with one personal item.
  • In your personal item, bags can be a medium-sized purse, a briefcase that you are carrying, or a laptop bag for your needs.
  • Passengers can carry the above-mentioned carry-on free of cost, and that is per passenger with Jetblue Checked Baggage.

Allowance on JetBlue Checked Baggage

  1. JetBlue offers two free checked baggage under the booking you made.
  2. Your seats will be free only if you paid for two checked baggage at the time of booking and you have it under your reservation.
  3. There will be two checked baggage that will be mentioned in your fare as well.
  4. For carrying bags more than that, will be charged accordingly per bag you’ll be taking completely depending upon your destination with Jetblue Airlines Booking. 

JetBlue Checked Bag Fees

You will get extra pair of everything which you need to carry while traveling mentioned below

  • Carry on Lug-less- $14-$39
  • First bag- $35
  • Third bag- $150
  • Second bag- $45
  • Checked Lug-less- $20-$45
  • Oversized bag in every category- $150
  • Overweight bag in every category- $150

Baggage Policy of JetBlue Airlines

  1. Passengers are allowed to carry one carry-on bag with them while flying with JetBlue airlines.
  2. While traveling with the carry-on, carry one personal item allowed on the flight either in the overhead bin or below the seat just in front of you.
  3. This must fulfill the size requirement.
  4. Two checked baggage is permitted for each passenger included in the fare.
  5. For those who don’t have checked baggage in your booking, then you’ll have to pay for the luggage.
  6. In case you have baggage oversized then you will have to pay extra for the same.

How do I check my bags online at JetBlue?


Go for web check-in, to know:

  • To have an electronic ticket.
  • to have admittance to the reservation number, e-ticket number & frequent flyer account.
  • To know if you were not a passenger with special needs.

Mobile check-in:

Know using mobile check-in to easily check-in baggage with Jetblue Airlines Tickets.

Avoid baggage fees on JetBlue.

You can use the JetBlue baggage policy useful to gain information about the DOs and DONTs of the official rules. Using this, you don’t have to pay the baggage fee for your air journey. You must avoid this extra fee and finish the journey at the lowest possible price.

  1. Do not try to bring any check-in luggage for your air journey.
  2. Avoid using basic tickets and always make a premium booking.
  3. Always try to enroll yourself in the loyalty program of JetBlue and enjoy the free perks.
  4. Get the JetBlue credit card to make a reservation and use it to avoid baggage fees.
  5. according to the fare class book the JetBlue flight that is available for you.

Get a free checked bag on JetBlue? 

Your JetBlue airlines have two categories one has checked baggage which is available for all passengers. 

  • get your JetBlue ticket in the Blue Plus or Mint fare class to get free checked baggage.
  • Passengers can use the travel credits to book their JetBlue ticket in the premium class.
  • You can use JetBlue Mosaic without paying an extra fee to include the checked baggage for your journey.
  • while making the reservation for your flight, using a JetBlue credit card.

 Is the first checked bag free on JetBlue?

There are many fair classes that offer various amenities to all users. you can book the flight ticket in Blue Plus or Mint class. This policy offers to bring your first baggage without paying anything. In addition, you will get first checked baggage free by using the travel credit. You can also use the JetBlue card to book your flight ticket. 

What items are not allowed on JetBlue? 

JetBlue allows some items and some items are prohibited for all its customers to carry on the plane. Also, some items are banned due to security concerns. Know what items you can carry if you are wondering about the items which are prohibited.

  • Refrain from carrying liquid or liquor on the flight without an official nod.
  • Also, you cannot get any shampoo, toothpaste, soap, hair gel, or any other such item.
  • According to the rules by JetBlue, don’t bring the Samsung Galaxy S7 on your trip on the JetBlue flight.
  • Also, you can carry some sporting Goods or Flammable substances that are not allowed.
  • Also, no sharp object which poses a threat to other passengers on the flight is allowed.
  • Also, any firearms/ammunition is not allowed in the plane which anyone can use to violate the security terms.
  • In addition, any dangerous chemicals that are perilous for other passengers are not permitted on the plane.
  • There is no permission to carry any kind of beverage without the prescription of a medical expert.

So, guys use the Jetblue Airlines Baggage Policy to know more detailed information about what you can carry! 


Can I bring food in my carry-on JetBlue? 

Many people don’t know of the food permission by the airlines. This allows customers to bring their food in the carry-on baggage during their air journey comfortably. 

However, the food you are carrying must be completely packed or should be in a container to avoid its spreading. Each passenger is allowed to bring the unpeeled fruit in her baggage. However, no liquid is allowed to carry by JetBlue airlines. 

However, using a valid medical prescription, you can do so.

So, friends, next when you are traveling we prefer to opt for Jetblue Baggage Policy!

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