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Ultimate Guide to Rent Indian Wedding Clothes for Wedding Guests, Bridesmaids & Brides!

by janeausten
Rent a Wedding Dress

This is the definitive guide to renting Indian wedding attire for wedding guests, bridesmaids, and brides! Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best attire at affordable rates without any compromise in style!

We chose exquisite rental sites that offer the A-Z of both men’s and women’s fashion. From the finest sarees to elegant jodhpuri suit for men– everything is addressed in our blog below. Trust us, even the brides could not resist renting out their garbs from the renting brands that we have brought.

Do you wish to wear your favorite designer lehenga that you have been gazing at on the Internet for years? Well, that is quite an expensive affair! But you don’t have to stop dreaming here – you can still wear them by renting them at reasonable prices. Additionally, you dint have to worry about fit, hygiene, payments, and shipping. All of this is taken care of by brands that provide clothes for rent. So, are you ready to explore the clothing rental world? Let’s have a look at some best brands that provide their clothes on rent in Mumbai.

  1. Popin: Popin has a beautiful clothing collection for both males and females that one can wear at weddings, engagements and other festive occasions. This brand deals with top-notch designer outfits that are luxurious in appearance but low in cost. You can rent a bridal outfit from here and dazzle in the dreamy outfit on your D-day without having to worry about the expense. Not just this, there is also a whole lot of collection for grooms, groomsmen and other baratis. For instance, if you want to rent safas for baratis in huge quantity, you can rent it from Popin provided the fact that it has to be available on your date. The booking of anything you rent from here has to be done prior. They have outlets all over Mumbai. Just search for ‘Popin dress rental near me on the internet and the nearest outlet will be highlighted to you. The cherry on top is that all garbs can be rented from the comfort of your home.
  • Flyrobe: Flyrobe has its outlet both online and offline in many cities in India. Although they only have stores in Mumbai and Delhi, you may always access the online facility. Everything you need for a wedding can be rented. They have attire for every occasion, whether it is a cocktail party or your marriage day. Flyrobe also rents out sherwanis and other attire to grooms.
  • Stage 3: Stage 3 is one of the most well-known rental businesses, specializing in high-end brands and designer clothing. Therefore, you can hire a Sabyasachi lehenga or a Varun Bahl sherwani from this location. They offer their delivery services in Mumbai and many other cities. Additionally, they exclusively have offline storefronts in Delhi. Rent your enchanting attire for your lavish wedding from your favorite designer here!
  • The Clothing Rental: The Clothing Rental’s selection of clothing is its biggest feature. Although they don’t have many bridal lehengas, you can rent your pre-wedding attire from them. For instance, an haldi outfit or one for your sangeet night and cocktail hour – you can rent a dress accordingly. In addition, you can rent groomsmen’s attire and shoes from here. This rental company only works in Mumbai and their outlet is located in Bandra. They only give their outfits on rent to those in Mumbai.
  • Rent It Bae: You can rent stunning western and Indo western wedding dress from Rent It Bae in addition to ethnic clothing for your wedding ceremonies. You should consider it for your bridal accessories as well. For the wedding, grooms can also rent their sherwani and tux. The delivery service is available in many parts of India including Mumbai. They have a subscription option here that allows you to rent an outfit at different plans. This brand provides everything you need, whether you want to wear a gown to your cocktail party or a stunning lehenga to your reception.
  • Lionese: We were unable to look away from Lionise’s Indo-Western collection. This shop is for you if you’re a bride who wishes to appear unique and unusual throughout the wedding celebrations. Only Mumbai and Delhi NCR are served by them at this time. Additionally, in addition to the clothing, you may rent jewelry from their collection, which is exclusively for brides. However, it is vital to note that this brand has just to do with female clothing and does not rent any male attires.
  • The Style Ease: The Stylease, based in Mumbai at Saki Naka in Andheri East, says it ships the clothing all throughout the nation. You can hire everyday clothing like dresses and gowns in addition to bridal lehengas and other traditional attire. They also offer the option of accessories if you want to spice up your appearance.


So, are you ready to look rent an outfit for your ideal wedding look? There is no need to spend huge bucks on garments that you will barely repeat. No matter what type of wedding event you have, the above-mentioned brands (in order of priority) will provide you best garb at good prices. Just visit their website and you shall be in awe of the collection that brands have. So, hurry pick an alluring one yourself today.

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