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E-invite for Wedding: Invite Your Guest Through Customised Videos and Themes

by janeausten

The pandemic years have changed our lives completely! Even the wedding scene has changed to a 360-degree level. From shopping to booking a photographer, wedding cake, and venue – everything can be finalized in just one click. All you have to do is browse and research everything online. In no time, we will also see guests attending weddings online – just kidding; but you never know. Another thing that has gone digital in the wedding season is the invitation. The outdated method of printing cards has now gone. People prefer inviting guests digitally as it is cost-effective and hassle-free.

Initially, e-invites were just used for friends and extended relatives, but today everyone accepts them wholeheartedly. If you are planning to get married, we recommend the digital idea completely. In this blog, we have come up with some fantastic e-invitation ideas that will help you finalize the best one for your wedding.

Personalized Video Invitations

  1. Story of Yours: What if you get a chance to narrate your story to everyone? A story that speaks of your new beginning and eternal love! Isn’t that a nice idea? You can compile all your old pictures in a video and form an e-invite for it. This is an ideal e-invitation for engagement where you can highlight your love journey from start.
  2. Save The Date: Want to make an official announcement about your relationship? Or planning to host a small get-together to propose to your loved one in it? To invite a few of your friends and family to the spot, you can curate a ‘save-the-date’ video that has simple basic pictures and small details about your proposal.
  3. Change of plan: Is your printed invitation already out? What if with everyday climate change and sudden rains, you had to change the venue from ground to a banquet? This is going to lead to a huge commotion and something needs to be at the earliest. The change of plan video is at the rescue! This video can be an addition to the printed card and is a perfect solution to inform the guests last minute about changes. Such videos can be simple and very crisp to keep them up to a point.
  4. Celebrity-themed: Are you a fan of any celebrity? How about getting that celebrity to invite guests to your wedding? Indeed, that shall be a mesmerizing moment for you. With Lovely Wedding Mall, you can collaborate with stars of your choice and ask them to form a video that can be circulated to guests. This brand is associated with many celebrities from Bollywood, Television, and so on. Every star charges a different amount for the video and the rest is taken care of by Lovely Wedding Mall. The celebrity video idea is very trending and you should definitely give it a try at that.
  5. Cultural-themed: Do you and your better half belong to different cultures? What’s best than highlighting that in your e-invitation for a wedding? For instance, if you are a Punjabi, you can add a glimpse of your culture in your wedding invitation video, and also the same for your partner. This shall also add an Indian touch to the video and in a way you also share your love story with the audience. In the same way, you can also involve the parent’s cultural line in the video.
  6. Animated style: Do you like emoticons and giphy? You can incorporate that in your wedding video. An animated-looking groom and bride doing some crazy stuff in an e-invite video are very attractive. People love watching these videos and such invites are also good to post on social media.


These were some trending styles of e-invite ideas that you can use. Other than this, you can also go with videos in different themes such as monochrome, quotes, sunsets, florals, and so on. Are you a fan of nostalgic old things? You can also form a video invite showcasing yourself in history like a pharaoh king or a Mughal. Well, this is absolutely your choice. You can also go with imaged e-invites which are also quite popular.

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