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Which Skills to Look for While Hiring a SharePoint Developer?

by janeausten
Which Skills to Look for While Hiring a SharePoint Developer

Microsoft SharePoint, a web-based application popular for document sharing, business intelligence, and content collaboration, has been leveraged by many large enterprises, giving a testament to its effectiveness. SharePoint is a one-shot solution for all business-related issues which helps you manage, track, organize, and share documents enabling you to make informed decisions. However, as more firms adopt SharePoint, there will be a greater need for skilled administrators and developers in the coming years. As a result, businesses must ensure that their IT employees are qualified to oversee and modify the complex SharePoint platform. If you have not yet adopted the technology and are still muddled about embracing it, check out a few of its benefits that will help you to have enhanced business processes. 

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Seamless collaboration
  3. Centralized administration
  4. Document management 
  5. Content management
  6. Streamlined business processes
  7. Better productivity

Though you can always go ahead and hire a dedicated SharePoint Developer from a reputed IT company, you can also hire one in-house who can ramp up your game and improve the way your organization works. 

SharePoint use cases

Sharepoint Capabilities

You can hire SharePoint Developers with specific skill sets to build robust SharePoint solutions. In this post, you can check out the most crucial SharePoint Developer skills you should look out for if you want to leverage the benefits of this technology. 

  1. Master of SharePoint and specific tools

It is no doubt obvious to check for the SharePoint knowledge of any person before hiring him or her. But, more than that, verifying if the person is equally good at strategizing and planning the work is necessary. The person has to have a rock-solid understanding of the technology and skills to bring the solutions thinking out of the box. You have to keep in mind that without proper architecture and governance, SharePoint may fail, and thus, you have to select a person with a particular skill set who can help you get the most out of it. Check if the person has the know-how of essential tools like Visual Studio, Visio, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Ribbon, SharePoint Object Model, SharePoint apps, Office 365, Web parts, Windows Workflow Foundation, PowerShell, etc.

  1. Proficiency in various programming languages

You may find a person good with theoretical knowledge, but it is crucial to see if they have experience bringing them into practice. Checking the experience of a person is indeed one way to ensure their skills, but there is also another way to check if he is good at some coding languages which SharePoint uses. For example, if you want to see the quality performance of a SharePoint developer, it is vital to know if the developer has competency in .Net, JavaScript, C#, CSS, and HTML, as these are the base of SharePoint. 

  1. Expertise in UI/UX process

Every organization must focus on giving its end-users an unforgettable user experience to get the maximum out of its application. And in the same way, it is also essential for a SharePoint project. So, whenever you are thinking to hire a SharePoint Developer, you need to be sure they can deliver a fantastic user experience with the capability of problem-solving. In addition, SharePoint developers should have the skills to identify the problems end users may face while using the application. Finally, they have to come up with solutions envisaging the issues that have been disrupting the user experience.    

  1. Excellent communication skills

A SharePoint developer is a person who collaborates on a project, deals with many teams, and works towards achieving the project. They also have to work with various people working at different stages, and they need to communicate with them all. Therefore, the candidate you want to select for SharePoint development must have a good command over language, which help them to gather adequate information and share ideas with others. 

  1. Testing and debugging skills

You need to hire a SharePoint developer who can work with the solutions-seeking approach and always keep an eye open for bugs. In addition, they must know about incremental testing, unit testing, integration testing, alpha, and beta testing, sanity checks, and traceback techniques. Learning effective testing and debugging techniques benefits the SharePoint expert as well as any coworkers who may be engaged in the same project. A flawless application needs an inquisitive nature that enables the developer to catch minor errors that others may not notice and solve them for the best experience. 

  1. Familiar with cloud technology

Enterprises are witnessing the shift towards adopting Cloud technologies, and all businesses and industreis are trying to make the most out of this revolutionary trend. Microsoft has launched SharePoint in Microsoft 365, a cloud-based service for all-sized businesses. Thereby, instead of installing and deploying SharePoint services on their premises, they can subscribe to MS 365 plan and leverage the benefits. So, it becomes mandatory to hire a SharePoint developer with hands-on experience working on the cloud who can give you comprehensive solutions in the coming days. 

Being a widely used web-based collaborative platform, SharePoint integrates natively with Microsoft office. Primarily launched as a document management system, the product has become quite popular among large organizations, and they prefer to develop their websites using it. However, a SharePoint application platform can break the silos, allowing teams to share, collaborate and work together. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can use SharePoint as a document management system, extranet, or even intranet.

About 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint for intranet, internal communications, and collaboration. The way the platform is getting popular, we have to believe that it is here to stay for long; thus, the organizations should start hiring SharePoint talent to help them stay ahead of their peers. Considering the skills mentioned above, you can hire SharePoint developers in India or from anywhere globally and join the SharePoint club. 

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