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How to Choose the Best Handbags for Fall/Winter 2022

by janeausten

The connection of women with their handbags is eternal. Every woman loves pairing a nice handbag with any outfit she wears. Whether it is a traditional attire or a western one, there is a purse for every occasion and every garb. It is so versatile! Every season comes with new trends and fashion. Dresses, footwear, accessories and even purses change as per season. And now it’s time for winter – there is a whole new lot of handbags for women trending worldwide. So, what is your handbag inspiration for this fall season? Confused? Read our article as we have brought some amazing handbag styles just for you. Take a look!

  1. Furry handbags: As the season is chilly, we are sure you might have kept all your winter essentials ready such as sweaters, hoodies, knee boots and furry coats – something that keeps you warm! What if we tell you that you can have a warm furry bag too? Many brands are coming up with faux fur coat bags which are a rage among the population. For that matter, even wallets in the same material are quite a swing these days. A classic companion to a furry shearling coat is a matching fur bag. It is extremely soft and fluffy. You can adorn these not only with a coat but also with any type of casual. Are you planning to go to a party? This bag can be your pal there too!
  • Massive-sized bags: Winter calls for too many essentials that one has to carry. Moisturizers, stoles, face creams and even our extra warm wear sometimes. In addition to this, regular items such as a phone, makeup, AirPods, and napkins are always mandatory. Keeping all this together is a task – but not anymore. Oversized bags can be your rescue! A massive bag has enough space to keep each and everything. It has designated pockets for particular things so that you don’t get lost searching for your belongings. These big bags are an age-old trend but are now repeating themselves again. All thanks to the fashion world for this boho chic look necessity!
  • Artistic bags: Who said Grafitti can only be on walls? The new world says – art can be anywhere! From rugs to dresses, you will see digital paint like Grafitti print everywhere. The same applies to the bag’s world. Many brands are coming with artistic bags that have unique prints on them. Geometric, abstracts, ombres, animated, and paint finish are some exquisite prints that are trending among teens mostly. They generally come in leather and are ideal for evening dates.
  • Embroidered bags: We assume you might have seen embroidered clothes. Don’t they look really elegant? The distinctive threadwork is just mesmerizing! Now, get the same work in your ladies handbags as well. Lovely, right? Purses with embroideries are an absolute winter style that can be donned at weddings and casual meetups.
  • Clutch style: many people think that clutches are a little inconvenient as it has no shoulder strap. However, that could be the case. But let us tell you, if you are comfortable carrying a clutch – you must definitely go for this style in winter. A pillow clutch can hold an end number of belongings and is also perfect for a vacation. We mean you can rest on it like a pillow too! Simple rectangular clutches are also good to carry tabs and note bags. Check out the circle shapes ones as well because even they are veering a lot.
  • All Red bags: The hoodies and long coats give an international vibe altogether. So, why not adopt the international bag style too? An all-red bag gives French vibes with those long coats. Even you can create this look by purchasing a bag, clutch or sling in any red shade. Maroons and rusts also work! Imagine wearing baggy jeans with a nice blazer and a deep red sling with black sunglasses. Aren’t you looking fabulous? So, what are you waiting for? Grab a red bag now!


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