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A Look at Past FIFA World Cup Winners – Who You Think is Going to Win This Time Around?

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If you are gearing up for the upcoming FIFA World Cup then you must be pretty much amazed about the history of the tournament till date. Football world cup is nothing new and has been a running competition for the past over 90 years.

Now, you might have some team that you may favour, whether it is the quintessential Brazil, Germany, or the defending champions France, the past events have seen some paper-book favourite winners as well as some surprise world cup trophy winners. So, whether you prefer an established name to come out winner when you are indulged in soccer betting, or when you are looking at one country as making a surprise this time around, knowing the past winners will certainly help refine your football world cup knowledge.

Let’s take a look at the Past Football World Cup Winners:

1930 – Uruguay

Uruguay, which right now languish at the 2nd level was the inaugural winner, defending a strong Argentina squad 4-2 in the finals, coming from behind in the second half.

1934 – Italy

This tournament was played in a pure knockout form. The defending champions Uruguay declined to visit the host nation as several nations didn’t travel to Uruguay for the first world cup. Italy went on to defeat Czechoslovakia 2-1 in the finals to clinch one of their many world cup final wins.

1938 – Italy

Italy became only one of the two teams till date to defend their title triumph in only the third tournament. In the finals, they overpowered one of the future football powerhouses in Hungary by a score of 4-2.

1950 – Uruguay

World cup returned to the international stage after two missing outs because of the second world war. The inaugural winners, Uruguay came out triumph in the finals, in a tournament with a revamped format, beating the team that has since then being the stronger team on the football stage, Brazil by 2-1 coming behind from a goal deficit.

1954 – West Germany

Hungary was then the biggest team on the football stage, and seeing them beaten by an upcoming West German team by a margin of 3-2 was a shocker for the entire world and football fraternity.

1958 – Brazil

This marked the emergence of Brazil as the golden football team and Pele as the biggest legend. The young Pele went on to leave his mark on the world stage; scoring two goals in the finals for a 5-2 win over Sweden.

1962 – Brazil

This was the second time after Italy’s triumph when the defending champions went on to defend their trophy. They beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the finals.

1966 – England

This was the only event when England won the football world cup trophy, which was also held in England for the first time. A competitive final match saw England triumph over West Germany with a scoreline of 4-2.

1970 – Brazil

Brazil continued their golden period at that time with their 3rd title triumph to go on top of the winner list. Led by the brillian Pele, the beat Italy 4-1 in the finals.

1974 – West Germany

After a close string of few world cup final match losses, 1974 saw West Germany crossed the final hurdle this time. They defeated the much stronger and favourite Netherlands by 2-1 in the final match.

1978 – Argentina

This was the year of a nation that has since then became a powerhouse in the football arena. And this was again the time when the Netherlands found themselves wanting at the final hurdle, losing to the Argentina by 3-1.

1982 – Italy

While Italy didn’t start well this time around, they recovered well, and then stepped by ladder by ladder to reach the final where the defeated the favourite West Germany by 3-1.

1986 – Argentina

West Germany could be said as one of the most unfortunate team that has lost at the final stage way more than other teams. And this was the tournament that came to be known for Diego Maradona’s rise and his (in)famous hand-of-god goal. They won the final by 3-2.

1990 – West Germany

West Germany came back strong to avenge their defeat after four years, defeating the defending champions Argentina by a solitary goal.

1994 – Brazil

This was the tournament where the final match went scoreless after full time. And it was during the penalties when Brazil held their nerve to edge out Italy 3-2.

1998 – France

This tournament pitted talismanic Brazilian Ronaldo against France’s maverick Zidane. However, the latter came out triumphant in the finals scoring twice when France defeated Brazil 3-0.

2002 – Brazil

This was the time when Ronaldo showed his true class to the world. He scored both goals in the final match pitted against the strong Oliver Kahn in front of the nets.

2006 – Italy

This tournament is remembered for the infamous head-butt by Zidane on Italian Materazzi. The final match went on for a 1-1 draw but Italy won it 5-3 on penalties.

2010 – Spain

2010 saw Spain came out as the FIFA world cup winners after a long wait. It was their golden team that helped them beat Netherlands 1-0 in the final.

2014 – Germany

The final saw a strong attacking unit of Germany pitted against the charismatic Lionel Messi. Germany continued their great run through the tournament and edged out Argentina 1-0 on the final.

2018 – France

This tournament saw the rise of two young stars in Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann who helped set aside any shock chance from the Croatian side in the final, beating them 4-2.

So, who do you think is going to win this time around? Who are you backing up for a title triumph when putting odds on the best football betting app?

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