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Reasons To Go For Online Havan Pooja

by janeausten

Pooja is an important ritual of every Hindu household. It’s the one day when all the family members, both near and distant, come together to offer their prayers to their respective deities. Pooja means to worship in Sanskrit and is also known as havan in Hindi. Traditionally, Hindus performed by bringing together all the offerings they wished to offer – flowers, sweets, salt, water, ghee (clarified butter), lamps, and other things.

After offering these things to the deities in their respective shrines or home temples called ‘Havan’ for a few moments, Hindus would then return home with blessings from their gods. However, with time Pooja’s has changed, and now even non-Hindus have become part of it. There are many benefits of doing your worship through online havan pooja instead of going through traditional methods. Let us take a look at some of them below:

Online Pooja is hassle-free and simple

Most people are hesitant to go for traditional worship methods. Pooja’s is one such method that can be offered through nothing but your fingers on a keyboard. All you need is a computer with internet access and you are good to go. You can make various offerings online such as flowers, sweets, ghee, water, incense sticks, and many more. There are many online havan pooja websites available for making offerings to your deities. 

You can do your Pooja anytime and anywhere

Pooja is a daily practice and is only offered on a particular day of the week. However, if we consider that the ritual can be done at any time of the day, we can also consider doing Pooja’s anytime and anywhere. Unlike traditional Poojas where you need to get home and put up a mandir, you can offer your prayers at a park, a coffee shop, while travelling on a bus, train, or even while sitting at your workplace. You can also use your mobile phone to offer your Pooja. Online Pooja’s websites allow you to exchange messages and make offerings to your deities. 

Online Pooja gives you the option of doing it anonymously

The best part about online Pooja is the fact that you can do it anonymously. You don’t have to reveal your identity to anyone. There are many online Pooja’s websites that let you send your prayers to your deities as a guest without registering your details. Once you make your offerings online, you can send a message to your loved ones and friends.


Pooja is an essential part of Indian culture. It’s an opportunity to connect with family, friends, and even strangers while praying to your deities. But with the rise of technology, Pooja has become easier and simpler. There are several online pooja’s path websites that let you make offerings to your deities and send your wishes to your loved ones. Online Pooja is hassle-free and simple. You can do Pooja anytime and anywhere and there is no need to make any effort to offer your prayers. Whether you are looking for a traditional or an online method, you can make your havan pooja simpler and easier with the help of technology.

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