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Most Common Plumbing Problems

by janeausten
Most Common Plumbing Problems - Plumber services

In plumbing, there are breakdowns that you can solve yourself and there are the ones that require the intervention of a professional and qualified plumber. In first case, you need to know about the plumbing system of your house well, must have plumbing tools, and should be skilled at using those. Or you can book plumber services online to get the work done easily and affordably without any delay.

1. Small Breakdowns Accessible for Less Handymen

The defective seal on a faucet has the effect of interrupting the tightness of the pipe, which will cause a water leak. As small as it is, it will leave humidity traces which can become more or less substantial water damage.

Water damage has collateral damage, in other words, it will cause not only damage to your home but also your neighbors.

The first thing to do is stop the leak. In the case of a worn seal, simply replace it with a new one of the same size on the head of the valve in question. A dripping faucet may be an early symptom of a failed seal.

Tap water is often calcareous, resulting in the deposit of scale overtime on the tap seal, which will become cracked, crumbly, and porous. It will then cease to perform its sealing function. You need to replace the faucet seal with a new one, which is very simple.

The technique may vary depending on the type of faucet. Here we will talk about the swan head faucet.

Before any action, you must close the general water inlet tap to allow the water pressure to be reduced and facilitate your intervention. Take out your spanner or adjustable spanner of a size adapted to the size of the tap to loosen the lower part of the tap called the seat. Then using a flat-blade knife and screwdriver, you will remove the damaged seal.

Take the opportunity to remove any traces of limescale if necessary because the new seal (Rubber or fiber O-ring) must be placed on a clean surface without roughness to avoid too rapid wear of the new seal. Screw the head of the tap back on with the appropriate tool, screwing firmly in the axis.

Sounds like a tough job? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself. Book plumber services in Lahore to quickly fix all the big and small plumbing problems in your kitchen and bathroom.

2. How to Unclog the Traps of Bathtubs, Showers, or Sinks?

The water evacuation system used to retain water and bad odors found in a shower, a bathtub, or a sink, is called a siphon.

It is common to be clogged by minerals from excessively calcareous water, hair, hair, soap, waste, or even by an object. In this case, the water used will evacuate very slowly or, worse, will remain on the surface. It isn’t very pleasant. But it is relatively easy to unclog a shower without the intervention of a plumber.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

Solution #1

Removing the bung (small open tube) will be necessary to access the rest of the piping. The cap may be apparent and, on the surface, in which case you can remove it with your fingers. If it is deeper, it will be necessary to use a metal plumbing snake. It will then be a question of sliding it into the pipe to reach the plug, hook it and take it out.

This operation will be repeated as many times as necessary. Then check for proper flow by pouring water down the drain. If the operation is successful, you must replace the gutter and the siphon cover.

Know that you can use a suction cup that you will have to activate more times on the mouthpiece by lowering and raising the handle to cause aspirations. Ensure the outside of the pipe is wet to facilitate the adhesion of the suction cup. Check to see if the clog has come apart.

Solution #2

Another inexpensive solution that you can make with water (1 liter), white vinegar (25 cl), and baking soda (50 g). Pour the baking soda down the drain while bringing the water and white vinegar to a boil. It is then a question of pouring this mixture into the siphon, forming a foam. Let it act for a few minutes, and pour the hot water with vinegar back into the pipe again.

A period is necessary before checking the effective unblocking of the siphon with an evacuation of the water without hindrance. This solution has the advantage of also removing unpleasant odors. The use of the plunger to unclog the toilets also works very well, and the use of the mixture described above is very effective.

The flush encounters three recurring problems: water leaks, continuous filling, or filling the water tank for too long. These are mainly problems of excessive scaling or the disorder of the float. It will suffice to disassemble the float and soak it in a descaling solution. Otherwise, a replacement of the float will be necessary.

If you think doing all this is too much for you, you can book a professional online. Booking plumber services at home not only saves your time and money but will allow you to get 15 days guarantee.

3. Other Breakdowns Concern Water Heaters, Hot Water Tanks, Or Boilers

Some leaks are difficult to detect and locate. You need to hire a qualified plumber to detect this leak. It will be the same for problems with boilers, water heaters, or radiators. Unusual noises from these devices will alert you. It is important to anticipate or resolve this breakdown, especially before winter. Pilot failure occurs on older models of boilers caused by faulty thermocouple contact.

In the best case, cleaning will suffice; otherwise, the thermocouple replacement will be mandatory. Failure or untimely shutdown of a boiler can also be caused by boiling water in the tank, overheating, problems with the piping, condenser, or fan, poor combustion, and corrosion of the heating circuits due to the use of water of insufficient quality.

If you find yourself faced with a problem that is easy to solve without risking damage to your equipment, you can try to repair it yourself. On the other hand, when faced with more complicated problems to solve, search for qualified professionals using the keywords plumber services near me.

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