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What to Consider When Choosing Cartridge Packaging: Styles and Types

by janeausten
Cartridge Packaging

The decision of what kind of cartridge packaging to use can be a difficult one. You need to consider many different styles and types before deciding which is the best for your business. This blog post will cover some basics about cartridge packaging. And help you find the perfect type of packaging for your needs.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of cartridge that you are going for. What kind of box will suit your needs? Will they be displayed in a showcase or on an open shelf?

Are there any specific size requirements that must be considered when choosing which style and type of cartridge packaging to use? Some styles come with several sizes available, while others may only have one option. You want whatever packagings you choose to work best for what product you are offering. There should never be wasted space in the packaging because this would mean less profit margin per unit sold!

One common example is cigarette boxes being packaged individually in their own cases. Instead of just throwing them all in together in bulk cartons. So they do not get damaged or crushed.

Cartridge Packaging: Styles and Types

The following is a list of all the standard cartridge packaging types. And styles that are available currently on the market:

Stand Up Pouch:

While this type has been around for quite some time now. It remains just as popular with customers today as back then! An easy way to identify stand-up pouches would be by simply noticing how they have two side folds on one end, which opens into a large pocket.

Top Loader:

This style works well if you want something that will open easily but still secure shut once again after use. Top loaders usually contain an adhesive strip to hold them closed until someone decides to break through their tough exterior. Generally, these come in many sizes and can fit a variety of products, from little chocolates to large boxes.

Side Gusseted Pouch:

This pouch style is perfect for a product that might have a slightly more delicate feel to it. They are often used by beauty brands, food packaging, and pharmaceutical companies. Because they offer an added level of protection not found in other styles.

PVC Plastic Bag:

If you want something really tough but lightweight at the same time, PVC plastic bags are definitely worth considering! As long as your customers don’t need their products on the go too much after purchasing, these work well. Unlike paper-based alternatives, they can hold up quite nicely during shipping while still being easy to open when needed.

Poly Bags or ‘Poly Mailers:

These types of cartridge box packaging bags are a popular choice for many. Because they allow lots of ventilation and do not bend or tear easily. Which is why most online shoppers like to use them. In addition, poly mailers can be both transparent and opaque. With some manufacturers offering this kind of cartridge packaging in various sizes.

PVC Blister Packs:

If you’re looking for something that’s lightweight but also looks professional, then PVC blister packs probably offer what you need. These often consist of multiple layers. Including one made from PET material, another composed of aluminum foil, and finally, a third layer (the actual holder) usually consisting of PVC plastic. This type is great if you want your cartridges to look fantastic without adding much additional weight

PS Blister Packs:

If you’re looking for something a little bit more sturdy, then PS blister packs are another great option. They feature the same three layers. As above but with one significant difference: Instead of being composed of PVC plastic, this type consists of Polystyrene material. This is usually done to prevent cracking and breaking from occurring if your product ever becomes too hot or cold.

Fold Out Boxes:

Foldout boxes come in many different styles. But they will often have two flaps. That can be folded up so that it looks almost like an envelope (hence the name). Inside there’s much space available for extra cartridges along with possibly some leaflets about other products you might want to check out also.

These packaging boxes are great to use when you know that the product will remain in safe conditions and not come into contact with too much heat or cold. In addition, they’re also very easy to store away because of their flat design when empty.

Foldable Hinged Boxes:

These cartridge box packages feature a top cover that can be opened up by splitting it down one side, so it stays attached at the bottom while remaining open at the top for your cartridges (and leaflets) to fit inside. They’re usually made from polypropylene, but some brands offer them PVC plastic instead, just like normal foldout boxes. Foldable hinged cartridge boxes do tend to cost slightly more than traditional cardboard boxes, but they look much better when you’re giving them away to your customers, so it’s worth the extra pennies, in my opinion.

Cartridge Boxes:

These are simply rectangular or square-shaped cartridge box packages that open up like a book (they tend to be slightly more expensive, though). They usually feature an inside base which helps keep your cigarettes upright and separated from one another. Sometimes there is also space for small leaflets on their sides; often, this space will be covered by clear plastic material made out of PVC or Polypropylene. Most cartridge boxes are made out of cardboard and then covered with a plastic film (such as cellophane) to make them durable.

Cigarette Cartons:

These are the most common type of packaging for cigarettes. They’re often given out free by retailers (supermarkets, gas stations, etc.) when you purchase a pack of cigarette cartons. They usually come in packs that contain either 20 or 25 separate compartments; each one is separated from another with small clear plastic walls/protections which can be removed to open up an individual compartment and take your desired number of cigarettes out. Cigarette carton boxes have both ends glued together, so there’s no need for any extra packing material inside them since they won’t break apart easily during shipping or while being stored away on shelves at home, for example. Additionally, many cigarette cartridges also feature additional space between compartments to accommodate larger or longer cigarette sizes.

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