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What Makes a Good Name Tag For Hotel Staff

by janeausten
Name Tag For Hotel Staff

For those working in the hospitality industry, giving your guests and visitors an easy time of being able to identify and address your staff is a good way to improve customer convenience, comfort, and staff accountability.

For one thing, it's always a good idea to allow guests to be able to give positive feedback regarding their experience with a particular employee. Having a name tag for hotel staff makes this easier for guests to identify and commend your employees.

But what makes a good name tag? It's not enough to just quickly put one together. You also have to take into account several design elements that are sure to optimize its use and effectiveness. That's why we've decided to compile a short list of elements to take into consideration when you're designing your name tags.

Bold Uppercase Lettering

One key element that's very important when it comes to designing a name tag for hotel staff is the lettering. Big, bold lettering in upper case letters is much easier to read compared to lettering that uses lower case letters. This makes it easy for guests and visitors to quickly read and identify a hotel employee's name.

Sans Serif Fonts Over Serifs

What exactly are serifs? When you're browsing through different fonts, you'll notice that some fonts contain certain strokes and flourishes that somewhat accentuate the ends of letters. These are serifs.

Sans serifs fonts are plain compared to serif typefaces. They don't have any additional strokes at the end of each letter, making the letters on a name tag easier to read.

Serif typefaces are more commonly-used in printed books, newspapers, and most magazines. Some also regard them as more elegant and formal compared to sans serifs typefaces.

Sans serif typefaces like Arial, Helvetica, and Tahoma, on the other hand, are commonly seen in a lot of digital and web content. Of course, that's not to say that serifs wouldn't look good online. After all, when used properly, a good serif typeface can command a great deal of attention, especially when used for headlines.

Sleek Design

A simple, elegant, and sleek design is recommended when designing a name tag for hotel staff. You want name tags to be readable at first glance. Any extraneous and unnecessary design elements might only be a hindrance to a name tag's original purpose.

Branding Elements

Considering everything said in the previous point, there's no reason you shouldn't try to include some branding elements in your name tags.

Adding the hotel logo, for example, is a good way to strengthen your brand identity. The logo can also be a source of pride for an employee, especially if they know that they're working for one of the high-end establishments.

Where to Find Customized Name Tags

There are a number of benefits and advantages to having your hotel staff wear name badges. The question is, where do you go if you want to have your badges done specifically according to your team's design?

We recommend checking out Imprint Plus. Imprint Plus has partnered with over 37,000 businesses worldwide since its founding in 1982. For that reason, we believe that there's no better partner when it comes to designing and customizing name tags for your business.

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