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SEO Tactics to Boost WordPress Website

by janeausten

Many clients come to BPO companies for web development services. It is easy for a BPO services provider to develop a website on WordPress – one of the easiest coding platform. However, the difficult task begins when they have to do its SEO, which is not so easy task.

The SEO team of BPO companies requires not to think out of the box necessarily to increase impression rate for a website. Moreover, SEO is not just about keyword placement and link building. Digital marketers and BPO services providers have literally come a long way ahead from just the traditional optimization techniques.

More or less, every website can be ranked on higher SERP with the appropriate SEO tactics. But, if we particularly talk about WordPress website, the following useful tips can help SEO specialists.

Choose Web Hosting Carefully

If you work as an SEO expert for a BPO company, you’ll be well-familiar that page loading factor plays an important part in Google ranking.

If your website doesn’t load fast enough, you might lose heavy traffic. Therefore, consult your hosting provider to know the reasons why the site is not performing well. It might also be possible that the server is slow and is not capable to host your site.

Don’t Launch Blogs until you’re Fully Prepared

Don’t allow the search engine to crawl the blog section of your website until you’re done working on its structure.

You can turn off this option by changing the settings. One advantage of this tactic is that you don’t let the search engine bots to crawl through the unfinished sections; and consequently, the site is not ranked for rough content on SERP.

Go for an XML Sitemap

XML sitemap plugins are essential for WordPress Blogs. Generally, sitemaps offer a complete guide to each page and content of the website. It helps search engines to crawl websites efficiently and increase their chances of higher SERP.

An XML sitemap is easy to design and helps in the faster indexing process. Thus, try installing the XML sitemap plugin.

Use a Professional SEO plugin

A good SEO plugin automatically assists in SEO tasks. In addition, the trick is to use rel = “canonical” for blogs. Often WordPress sites have to deal with the duplicate content issue. However, with this tag, you allow the search engine to check the original source of the links in the content.

There are many SEO plugins in the market such as,

  • WordPress SEO
  • SEMrush
  • All In One SEO

You can use any of them, depending upon the type of features you want.

Don’t Use Dummy Links

Links that are attributed with “NoFollow” tag are generally useless. Even if SEO specialists use them, you can’t guarantee the reliability of the used link. Therefore, the webmasters in the BPO companies should not use plenty of this tag.

According to Google, web developers should use “NoFollow” tag with links that are unrelated to the websites, and when you don’t want Google to crawl them. Such as, on PPC ads.

CDN Enhances Site’s Efficiency

CDN (Content Delivery Network) refers to a distributed network of servers. It helps in providing content for a segmented audience. Such as, as per geographical region or location of a user.

It is particularly useful for a heavy website that has a lot of things going on in its content.  This system puts pieces of content across the network and offers that information to users, closer to the server’s location.  Consequently, page loading time and response time is reduced remarkably, and your WordPress site has more chances of getting on top of SERP.

Although, designing a website is already a tough job, but getting it in prominent search engine result pages is also not a stress-free task. However, BPO companies can make use of the above-mentioned easy tactics to increase optimization for WordPress sites.

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