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How to Activate OK Google on Android

by janeausten

What is Google Assistant?

Google’s voice assistant is a particular tool for devices with the Android operating system installed. Specifically, we will look at how to activate ok google on android.

How to Activate OK Google on Android.

To get started, you should have an Android gadget running Android 6.0 or higher. We will try to find the icon called Google, just. This icon may differ in different versions, so look for it among the bloatware that may be present on the device.

We’ll enter the software and navigate to the three sections where “More” is marked in the bottom-right corner. Next, we navigate to Settings, where the Voice section– the one that interests us– is located.

Once there, we enable the “OK Google” option and begin setting it by heading to the OK Google section and clicking on Voice Match.

The next button will bring up a popup informing us that our voice will be recorded while the assistant is still active so that it can be improved and customized to your voice. They caution us that other voices with similar tones might likewise use this method, so it’s not completely safe.

Now, we’ll need to state “okay Google” a few times, and the blue will complete the main circle. It will ask if we desire to save our voice when we’re done. We should, since this will use Google Assistant much better.

OK Google Set up My Device

As soon as this procedure has been finished, OK Google will be enabled, however only half of it. After the Google voice assistant hears the words “OK Google” set up my device. it will jump after a small vibration.

We can now make OK. Google utilizes a different name for us. Just by telling him, “Call me sir,” he will call us that till we inform him a different name.

Set Up OK Google to our preference

To make Google Assistant fit our needs, we’ll go back to the Google app, click “More,” and enter the settings the same way we did the first time. Select “ok google, set up my device“.

Now we will browse to the services tab, which includes a number of alternatives for personalizing the wizard. The displayed scenarios are those in which Google will employ default applications. We can replace these applications with others that support Google voice control by going into each one separately. For instance, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify can be used to play music; these are allowed by default. In order to access Netflix, YouTube Children, and Google Photos, an active account needs to be associated.

Examining extra okay Google settings is next. Going back to the application and choosing “More,” followed by “Settings,” and “Google Assistant.” Now, we’ll browse to the “Assistant” area, where we’ll discover that a range of criteria can be modified. Since you won’t initially understand each other well and will need to clarify more details, the continuous discussion is especially useful because it eliminates the need to say “okay Google” to continue speaking to the assistant. Each user has their own profile on the device thanks to Voice Match’s additional customization options for the language you speak in and the addition of additional recognized voices.

Using Okay Google, Setup Wireless Headphones

There have been several capabilities that will make our daily life easier, but it would be fantastic if we could use all of this with Google Assistant-compatible headphones. Then, if we have one of these (nearly any mid-range wireless headset onward), we can make the built-in microphone in these headphones match the one in the smart smartphone.

Therefore, even if we have the Android mobile or tablet far, we can still use OK Google.
We will go back to the Google app and click “More”, then “Settings”, and finally “Voice”. With our headphones, we are now able to gain access to all the functions of Okay Google.

The ongoing dialogue is very useful because it eliminates the need to say “Okay Google” to continue conversing with the assistant because you will not first understand each other well and will need to describe more details. Therefore, even if we have the Android mobile or tablet far away, we can still use Okay Google.

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