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Can Face Yoga Improve Your Appearance?

by janeausten
Can Face Yoga Improve Your Appearance

The face is a central component of the body and should appear healthy and confident. Certain face workouts work wonders on age spots, eye bags, neck, and wrinkles. They are helpful in enhancing the skin’s complexion, which has anti-aging advantages. Face yoga, a technique for clearing the lymphatic and circulation systems, can help lift up the appearance of the face. 

All aging symptoms, including cheek lines and crow’s feet, can be addressed by doing regular face yoga. Despite its odd appearance, face yoga is a true anti-aging miracle! You can now also try it at home using some of the Best Face Yoga Exercises Apps. Numerous facial yoga poses are available on these apps, along with breathing exercises, massage treatments, and meditation. You can begin with simple yoga poses and work your way up to more difficult ones.

What is Face Yoga?

BKS Iyengar developed this mechanism known as “face yoga” that seeks to enhance the condition of the facial tissues and connective tissues. Anyone may practice yoga at home because it is both beneficial and safe. A special kind of face exercise that incorporates different physical motions with standard yoga positions. These workouts support muscular development, increase blood flow, and enhance general health and well-being.

Face yoga combines exercises, acupressure, massage, and ease to deliver effective anti-aging skin results, according to experts who have been practicing and teaching it for 16 years. As it only involves hands, you do not need any equipment or the gym for these facial exercises.

Benefits of Face Yoga

As part of their ongoing desire to age gracefully and exude inner peace, many people strive for natural, affordable ways to enhance their appearance. As people move towards prioritizing natural well-being, face yoga becomes popular. 

Despite the paucity of studies on the benefits of face yoga, the successful ones have found that the procedure strengthens face muscles, makes the skin firm, and improves mental health. Face yoga exercises, as per a reliable source, can make your face look better. You may have to control showing off your emotions through your expressions.

A few prominent advantages of face yoga are as follows:

  • Exercise facial muscles
  • Sculpts your neckline
  • Promotes healthy nasal breathing 
  • Enables you to reduce stress, tension, and worry
  • Makes your facial muscles more symmetrical
  • Aids to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Softening and relaxing the facial muscles
  • Stimulates the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system
  • Tightens facial muscles
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Controls sagging 

7 Face-Lifting Poses of Yoga

Though these are slow poses, be cautious; even if you experience warmth or heat when practicing face yoga, you shouldn’t experience pain or discomfort. Ensure to wash your hands and face before anything else. Use a serum, oil, or cleansing balm so that your fingers may glide over your skin smoothly without posing any damage. Massaging serums or oils will ensure that your skin properly absorbs the product.

1- Puffy Eyes Yoga 

This yoga pose can increase oxygen circulation and reduces puffiness around the eyes. You simply have to massage the eye area by touching it gently and delicately. 

Steps to perform yoga for the eye area-

  • Start with the inner side of your eyebrows using your finger
  • Dab your fingertips delicately in the path of the outer edges.
  • Keep pressing your temples for a few more seconds.
  • Again, gently massage between your cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Proceed with this for 30 seconds or more.

2- Sharper Jawline Yoga

Yoga for the jawline can serve as a remedy against a sagging jawline and double chin. The motion of hands above the jawline area enhances blood circulation and sharpens the jawline and collarbone area.

Steps to perform yoga for jawline 

  • Sit down on a chair with a table in front. 
  • Keep your elbow on a table and your hand grip under your chin.
  • Put slight pressure on your jaw with your fist, and press upward.
  • Hold this pose for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the movement five to ten times.

3- Neck Yoga

This yoga activity enhances lymphatic drainage while easing neck strain. It helps lift sagging skin on your jaw and neck.

Steps to perform neck yoga-

  • Just a tiny head tilt will do.
  • Put your fingers on the top of your neck.
  • Gently massage your collarbone with your fingertips as you slide them down.
  • Press firmly against your collarbone for a few seconds, then let go.
  • Continue for another 30 seconds.

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4- Mid-face Yoga Exercise

This face yoga exercise may help reduce the appearance of the nasolabial folds, sometimes referred to as laugh or grin lines, which run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

Steps to perform yoga for mid-face-

  • Open your mouth and slightly puff up your lips.
  • With your index fingers, drag the corners of your mouth outward while attempting to lengthen your lips.
  • Hold this position for a total of six seconds.
  • Repeat a few times again, then stop.

5- Yoga for Lips

The shape and appearance of lips can be improved with this lip yoga. Regularly doing this movement can make your lips look better. 

Steps to perform yoga for lips-

  • Put your upper and lower lips together.
  • Then, pretend to hold something with your lips by turning them inward and pressing them together.
  • Hold this position for about 6 seconds.
  • Repeat five to ten times.

6- Jaw opener face yoga

This exercise works the muscles of the mouth and neck. Amazing health and attractiveness advantages come from gently stroking the sensitive spots and massaging the neck muscles.

Steps to perform face yoga for jaw-

  • While seated, make a fist with your left hand.
  • Position it such that your thumb is pointing downward on your jaw.
  • You strain your neck and turn your head in the direction of your fist.
  • Don’t move your hand at all.
  • After that, briefly squeeze your jaw against your hand.
  • Let go slowly.
  • Do the same on the other side.

7- Yoga to reduce stress 

You can apply the techniques of acupressure to this area to reduce stress. You can use it to unwind during the day or before bed.

Steps to perform yoga exercises to reduce stress-

  • Put pressure on the inner corners of your eyes for 30 seconds.
  • Make a gentle 30-second loop in one direction after that.
  • Redo for the other direction.

The Bottom Line 

Face yoga is a technique that combines face massage, exercises, and acupuncture to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. As it is accessible to everyone, you can devote 20 minutes to work on this natural way to enhance your facial appearance each day.

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