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A Quick Reference for Choosing the Perfect Floor Lamps For Bedroom

by janeausten
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Brightly lit rooms increase the value of a home and good lighting is also important for our health. You'll have a better day and a better night with well-placed lights, thanks to their positive effects on your mood, productivity, and overall wellness.

Unless your bedroom is extremely small, you should have access to more than just the overhead light and a nightstand lamp. Having options would be great, whether you want to make sure you don't trip on the way to the bathroom or you want to relax in that cozy recliner and read a book.

The following are three factors to think about while selecting a floor lamp for your bedrooms.


Setting, even curating the lighting in a room has long been a popular way to set the mood. Today, advanced lighting controls, with respect to color temperature and dimmability, are featured in high-quality, energy-efficient lighting systems to make a place feel warm and interesting for the people who live there.

It all comes down to how easily you can get to the lamp while trying to figure out what kind of control you want. Some can be turned on and off using the standard pull chain, while others are operated via cables that run along the pole. Most modern floor lamps have touch sensors, so you can turn them off with the touch of a finger. A few others can be turned on and off with the wave of a hand.

Choose what works best for you.

Layer Lighting

Having a number of different types of lighting in your bedroom is ideal. Designers typically advise making at least three levels, each serving a distinct function. For example, it's better to have both a set of task lighting as well as ambient and decorative lighting.

Most of the time, your bedroom's ambient lighting comes from the ceiling and wall sconces, which also give you plenty of task-oriented light. These elements can serve as a focal point or serve as a border around your space. They shouldn't be overly subtle, and they should serve to set both the mood and be useful as task lighting.

Ambient lighting in a bedroom serves a decorative purpose similar to jewelry. Chandeliers are the standard for every bedroom with high ceilings and sufficient space, so if yours is large enough, you can hang one. However, this function can be fulfilled by strategically placed bedside lighting.

The most important step in selecting task lighting for your bedroom is figuring out what kinds of activities will most frequently take place there. Will you primarily be reading, folding clothes, or working, if your bedroom doubles as a home office? Lighting is important in a bedroom, but so is finding a floor lamp that doesn't just take up unnecessary space.

Consider task lighting such as Atamin's Avery Advanced floor lamps, which have type A and type C USB ports and an AC outlet, which makes them great for charging smart devices and showing off books and other things on their shelves.

Set the Ideal Ambiance

For the better part of three decades, incandescent bulbs were the only real choice for lamps and interior illumination. Unfortunately, they’re energy-inefficient, short-lived, and produce a lot of heat, despite their excellent light intensity and color temperatures.

Fluorescent lamps, as a replacement, are cooler to the touch and less expensive to run. However, with their stark-white, clinical color temperatures, they can make a home feel bleak and cold.

LED light bulbs, by contrast to these alternatives, come in a wide range of color temperatures and tones, from amber glows that create a cozier, more intimate atmosphere to soft white bulbs that are ideal for brighter, more energetic settings.

At Atamin.com, you'll find a great selection of LED floor lamps, including torchiere floor lamps and arc floor lamps, that are perfect for mid-century modern home decor (and many other styles of interior design). Their adaptability, from beautiful accents to preferred work lights, is a major selling point. Visit their website to choose the perfect floor lamp for your bedroom for your home today!

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