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BTS’ J-Trust otherwise known as Jung Hoseok

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BTS’ J-Trust otherwise known as Jung Hoseok is the Most frightening part – here’s the reason

BTS Armed force today we are here with a Bangtan Bomb highlighting the septet – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Trust, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. It’s from the Spread Time and highlights Jung Ho seok also known as Hobi’s frightening side. That’s right, you read that right. J-Trust is normally thought to be as the daylight of BTS, the most happy individual. Notwithstanding, there are times when he loses his cool as well. Furthermore, when J-Trust flips out, he’s the most frightening BTS part. The main thing that can make Hobi unnerving is the point at which somebody makes a bungle during a movement, right Armed force?

Why J-Trust is the most startling part

In this way, Armed force, we ran over a video wherein BTS’ oldest part Kim Seokjin otherwise known as Jin is seen enjoying a loud chuckle though J-Trust is very troublesome and somewhat irate as well. The justification behind the equivalent is Kim Namjoon otherwise known as RM goofing up with the movement of Spread. The Bangtan Young men – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Trust, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook – played out their well known hit single Spread on The Stephen Colbert Show. Furthermore, during the take, RM wrecked the movement towards the end. At the point when Jin and Hobi were looking at the tape towards the end, Jin was seen enjoying a loud chuckle while J-Trust appears to be utter focused overall thing. Look at the video here:

J-Trust is exceptionally specific about movement

Being the dance lead for BTS, J-Trust cares for the movement too. So when anyone goofs up, J-trust quickly gets it and causes him to re-try everything. This has been seen during the 3J’s Megan You Steed X Margarine remix movement. They rehearsed and shot again and again. Till they took care of business.

BTS individuals uncover J-Trust’s startling side on Run BTS

Whenever the BTS individuals goof up the movement, they normally see J-Trust who is as of now checking them out. It’s like he gets it clairvoyantly. It’s entertaining and furthermore a truly outstanding thing about Hobi, wouldn’t you say?

Stage Name: J-Trust

Genuine Name: Jung Ho seok

Nickname(s): Grin Hoya, Daylight, Hobi, Trust, Bangtan’s Expectation

Birthday: February 18, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Origination: Gwangju, South Korea

Position: Fundamental Artist, Rapper

Level: 177cm/5’10”

Weight: 65 kg

Blood classification: A

Chinese Zodiac: Canine

Jung Ho-seok (Hangul: 정호석), otherwise called J-Trust, is the primary artist and rapper of South-Korean Kpop bunch BTS(AKA; Bangtan Sonyeondan/Past The Scene). J-Trust made his presentation on June 13, 2013 as an individual from BTS, a gathering framed by BigHit Diversion, with their introduction single collection 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Along with the individuals from BTS, he proceeded to win a progression of grants and performed at a few occasions, for example, the Mnet Asian Music Grants, the American Music Grants, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve.

J-Trust was brought into the world in Gwangju, South Korea, on February 18, 1994 (age 24). He has a more seasoned sister named Jung Dawon, who possesses a dress line called Mejiwoo.

Before his introduction, J-Trust was important for underground road dance group “NEURON”, where he procured many awards and performed every now and again during advancements. Presently in 2018 made his first mixtape called Trust World.


:pushpin: J-Expectation had originaly tried out for JYP Diversion, however was turned down before at last taken on as a learner for BigHit.

:pushpin: J-Trust was essential for the road dance group NEURON.

:pushpin: When he was more youthful he had an energy for Tennis, and was generally great at it.

:pushpin: His Proverb: “In the event that you don’t buckle down, there won’t be great outcomes.”

pushpin: He has a canine named Mickey.

:pushpin: During ‘Dick Clark’s ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’, J-Trust acquired consideration and circulated around the web as “The one with the red hair and gold coat”.

:pushpin: Before debut J-trust detested doing aegyo however presently he altered his perspective.

:pushpin: J-Trust’s #1 variety is Green.

:pushpin: He despises working out/working out.

:pushpin: J-Trust and Suga are genuinely horrendous at drawing.

:pushpin: He loves visiting the Fancafe when he has time since he has to understand what the fans are talking about.

:pushpin: While having issues or stresses he would impart them to RM or Suga.

:pushpin: He’s 24/25 years of age. (U.S/Korean ages separately)

:pushpin: Things he needs to take from different individuals is Jimin’s chocolate abs, RM’s rap expertise and his great English.

:pushpin: J-Trust’s optimal date: “I love the ocean, I might want to stroll down to the ocean side and clasp hands (Snicker)”

:pushpin: 3 prerequisites for J-Trust satisfaction: Family, Wellbeing, and Love.

:pushpin: In the residence, he right now imparts a space to Jimin.

:pushpin: J-Trust’s ideal kind is a young lady who loves him, is great at cooking, and peruses a ton.

:pushpin: J-Trust is the main part who doesn’t have ear piercings. He says he can look masculine without them.

:pushpin: On Spring second 2018, J-Trust delivered his first mixtape called Trust World.

:pushpin: He had a sweetheart however she left him for another person.

:pushpin: He can communicate in Korean, Japanese, and essential English.

pushpin: He gets terrified without any problem.

:pushpin: J-Trust’s independent tune “Mother” is a melody devoted to his mother. She came to a BTS show and when J-Trust performed it she cried. He says the melody was composed as a way to show that he has at long last turned into a child she can be glad for.

:pushpin: Notwithstanding the age hole, J-Trust stays nearby the maknaes more often than not.

:pushpin: J-Trust has been a survivor of cyberbullying. He’s had a couple of examples where he would communicate on Vlive and go over many remarks saying that he had no ability, he doesn’t have a place in BTS, being reliably requested from different individuals whereabouts and so on… This ceased him from doing Vlives without anyone else for a significant stretch of time.

:pushpin: In BTS’ smaller than expected show ‘Blossom Young men’, J-Trust was instructing Writing. J-Trust likes perusing and writing, outstandingly for the reality his dad was a writing instructor and acquainted the subject with his child.

:pushpin: When he was youthful, J-Trust’s dad would cook kelp soup five days every week. He had gotten so accustomed to it that he can perceive the smell and surface of kelp in a flash. (Run BTS! EP.43)

pushpin: J-Trust’s BT21 character is a blue/purple pony named Mang.

:pushpin: J-Trust uncovered that he left Success Diversion/BTS during the gathering’s prior days (before debut). In any case, he chose to return since he confided in the individuals and the individuals saying that the gathering wasn’t something very similar without him. (Consume The Stage EP.3)

pushpin: J-Trust’s number one beverage is Sprite.

:pushpin: J-Trust is supposed to be one of the individuals who can cook well overall. The others being Jin and Jungkook. (Run BTS! EP. 50)

:pushpin: J-Trust once lashed out and tossed a banana at Jungkook. This was because of the way that Jungkook had gotten a natural product bushel as a present from an A.R.M.Y and he needed to esteem the gift. Jungkook imparted the organic products to different individuals from the get go, yet advised them to stop to stay away from every one of them being eaten as he needed to save the rest for him and that the gift was legitimately his. J-Trust thought Jungkook was being egotistical for quarreling about the products of the soil a banana at him thus. (Consume The Stage EP.4)

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