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Does A CSM Require Exam?

by janeausten

CSM has become the most prominent part of businesses to produce quality products without waste. That’s why certified scrum masters greatly demand optimal work delivery and business improvement. However, the biggest question that hits the learner’s mind is whether they need to take the CSM exam. Well, the answer is yes! Applicants who want to upscale their skills need to pass the CSM exam. Let’s dive into the details of CSM and how to achieve a certificate.

What exactly is a certified Scrum Master?

To succeed, every agile development team requires a Scrum Master. An individual who is committed to assisting the team in succeeding inside the Scrum framework is a Scrum Master; they are neither project managers nor project leaders. You will be well-equipped as a Certified Scrum Master to lead your team and raise the likelihood of their success.

A Scrum Master is responsible for various tasks, including fostering cooperation and preventing distractions that might hinder production. A CSM has several additional advantages, such as increasing career chances, higher salary packages, team leadership, and interaction with other Scrum specialists.

What Do You Need to Do Before Having CSM Training

Before enrolling in CSM training, it is vital to understand the deep concept of Scrum theory and its principles. This master’s program begins with the principle of Scrum and short quizzes to ensure that you are ready for the training sessions. However, candidates must complete the Scrum Foundation eLearning Series that introduces the Scrum theory, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum events, and roles.

What Are The Key Requirements to Become a Certified CSM?

A Scrum Master is dedicated to supporting the team’s success inside the Scrum framework; they are hardly project managers or project directors. The duties of a Scrum Master include encouraging teamwork and avoiding interruptions that can impair productivity. Additional benefits of being a CSM include expanding job opportunities and networking with other Scrum experts. No specific criteria have been mentioned to become a certified CSM. However, some of the prerequisites that are mandatory to become a certified CSM are as follows;

  • The learner has to attend an in-person 16 hours session of the CSM course, which the certified CSM trainers will teach.
  • Afterward, students must clear the CSM exam by answering questions correctly within one hour.
  • Accept the CSM license after passing the CSM test, and also need to complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.
  • In addition, the candidate also has to attend a two-day CSM course from the trainer of CSM.

About Certified Scrum Master Exam

There are 35 multiple-choice questions in the Certified Scrum Master exam, an online test. You must correctly answer at least 24 questions to pass and receive your certification. You decide when to take the exam, but it must happen after completing the CSM course. You are granted a maximum of two complimentary test attempts by the Scrum Alliance. Each additional try will cost little if you don’t pass the first two times.

Step-by-Step Guide to Become Scrum Master

If you want to become a Certified Scrum Master, here is the stepwise guide.

  • Take the two days CSM program delivered by the Certified Scrum Master.
  • SA will email you a link to generate login credentials upon course accomplishment.
  • Create your username and password by clicking the link you obtained from the Scrum Alliance.
  • Utilize your credentials to take the 50 MCQ, 1-hour online CSM exam.
  • After finishing the course, you must obtain a score of at least 74% to pass the CSM® exam. You need to answer 35 questions correctly to pass the exam.
  • You will be asked to accept a licensing agreement when the exam is passed.
  • After accepting the CSM designation and a two-year membership from SA, you will acquire it.
  • Individuals who have earned a CSM certificate need to renew their certificate after two years.

How Long Does It Take to Become CSM?

The CSM training is only for 16 hours. Once the training is completed, the applicant is eligible to clear the exams within 90 days. If you clear exams within the first two attempts, you will be able to collect a certificate within a specific period. Plan carefully because it might take weeks or even months to become certified CSM depending on the availability of the courses. It will necessitate a lot of effort to become a Scrum Master, but the trip is worthwhile!

What is the Cost of a CSM Training/Certificate Course?

Individuals will become professional CSM once they have cleared the CSM exam. The cost of the CSM course is $100. The individual will get two chances to clear this exam. The opportunity will be provided within 90 days after clearing the exam. If an individual fails in both attempts, they must pay $25 for an additional attempt and qualify for the exam.

There is a clear increase in demand for Certified Scrum Masters. According to research from Glassdoor, a CSM in the USA makes an average income of $98,000. However, the average income of the certified Scrum master kept on rising in 2022 and 2023, and so on. So, this will be an excellent opportunity for individuals to upscale their careers by learning CSM courses.

Bottom Line

Becoming a CSM isn’t as hard as it seems to be. You must focus on learning skills, understand the key concepts, and pass the way. The requirements are very simple, and you must follow all the requirements to become eligible for the exam. The individual will be able to gain high-scale jobs after earning the certificate.

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