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Amazon Barcodes: A Detailed Guide For Beginners & Pros

by janeausten
Amazon Barcodes

Amazon barcodes can be a significant barrier for new sellers.

You are preparing to list your product when prompted for your ASIN, which you may have never heard of before. FNSKU, EAN, UPC, and GTIN are suddenly added to the mix, creating a chaotic environment that seems confusing.

But really, it’s not that hard; you just need someone to explain it to you.

For identifying products, there are three kinds of barcodes:

  • Barcodes For Manufacturers 
  • Barcodes For Amazon 
  • Code of Transparency & Authenticity 

Let’s talk about barcodes for manufacturers and Amazon and how to operate your Amazon account around these.

Amazon Barcode: The Concept 

A barcode is an image on a product and is made up of several black and white bars aligned in a certain pattern. A scanner is capable of reading or interpreting this image.

A barcode’s purpose is to ensure that a product can be identified after it has been manufactured during transportation and delivery. For instance, comparable goods are frequently exported from Canada to the US. Different places may require the delivery of different products. These barcodes can be utilized to identify and track products in such circumstances. An Amazon barcode placed on a product’s outer packaging also helps with inventory tracking, retail store recognition, exportation, invoice price identification, and warehouse inventory management.

Amazon Barcodes: The Importance

Amazon FBA barcodes make it easier for you to locate products and effectively manage your inventory. As a result of the sheer volume of amazon product listings that Amazon manages, they have established Amazon FBA barcode specifications for each product their merchants sell. Amazon can determine which of your products are from you and other sellers by assigning barcodes to each item. Using these barcodes is crucial and advantageous for businesses that sell comparable goods.

Amazon FBA barcodes not only speed up the fulfillment procedure but also make it easier for customers to report any issues with the products they receive. Customers may use these numbers to locate the seller, the producer, or even the fulfillment facility that handled their transaction. The barcode functions similarly to your web browser’s history tab. Almost all data about the product’s supply chain is contained in it.

Barcode Types Required For Amazon FBA Sellers 

Organization codes and universal product codes (UPCs) are the two most popular FBA labels. All across the world, these UPCs are frequently used. However, they are not exclusive to a certain kind of organization. Organization codes, however, are particular to a single business, like Amazon.

There are various subtypes of UPCs, including ISBN, EAN, IAN, GTIN, and PZN. The barcodes used in Amazon include GCID, ASIN, and FNSKU. You must choose one of these product barcode kinds when building your Amazon product listing.

– Barcodes For Manufacturers

  • Universal Product Code

The 12-digit UPC is exclusive to a particular product. A universal product code is a distinct pattern of black bars that computers can recognize for quicker processing. Global Standard 1 (GS1), a company tasked with identifying various retail products worldwide, sells UPCs.

You can get a GS1 Company Prefix certificate if you’re selling your products, whether made by someone else or self-made. Your products will therefore have a special GS1 barcode. This implies that a product is instantly recognized as being your own. Each code has a different cost depending on how many UPCs you require.

The code is already included in Amazon’s product listings if you resell branded items. However, if you are a reseller of goods from the wholesaler, you must receive the product barcode from them.

  • European Article Number 

The EAN stands for the European Article Number and is a specific kind of Global Trade Item Number (abbreviated as GTIN). It is either an 8-digit or a 13-digit code. Except for the US and Canada, most nations use EAN. The international article number, often known as IAN, is another name for EAN. The nation code, the business, and the item number for the particular product are all identified in each code section. In addition, an EAN code requires a GS1 prefix certificate, just like UPCs.

  • Japanese Article Number

Another name for EAN-13 is JAN. Japan is the only country that uses this kind of barcode. The first two barcode numbers, or nation codes, are either 45 or 49 for Japan.

– Barcodes For Amazon

  • Amazon Standard Identification Number 

ASIN is an organization code. This barcode is specifically created for a business/organization. Moreover, an Amazon listing’s ASIN is assigned automatically and cannot be modified. It is an alpha-numeric barcode with ten characters and is made up of numbers and alphabets. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the ASIN’s counterpart for book offerings. Customers can also search for a particular product on the Amazon marketplace using the ASIN.

  • Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit

FNSKU is a barcode that Amazon allocates when you send your item to one of their fulfillment centers. If you deliver your goods to the marketplace fulfillment center, Amazon will handle customer shipping. However, every item that passes through the Amazon fulfillment center requires the FNSKU barcode. For this, before sending your products to the fulfillment center, you can either manually apply this code to each product, or you may pay Amazon to take care of it for you. If you select the latter, Amazon charges $0.20 for each item.

Because they are Amazon-specific barcodes, the marketplace is responsible for fulfilling the orders. However, retailers can continue to send their goods through FBM. With FBM, items don’t go via Fulfillment Center; instead, they are delivered directly to the buyers.

  • Global Catalog Identifier

When you provide the extra product details to your listing, Amazon automatically produces the GCID, unlike other universal product identifiers. A 16-character alphanumeric code represents the GCID.

  • Global Trade Item Number

The Global Trade Item Number, or GTIN, is a phrase for most significant barcode types. Globally, almost every nation has adopted GTIN. Product’s retailer or manufacturer use the GTIN to locate the name of a product. This Amazon FBA barcode is 100% necessary because you need a GTIN for each product you sell.

Final Thought 

Amazon’s barcode system is essential to the internal operations and success of the firm, so whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned Amazon pro, your barcodes must be up to par. Become a barcode expert, by ensuring that your products are tagged with a code that is easy to read, unique, and generated by a third-party platform. This will benefit people who work in the fulfillment center and guarantee that the system functions well.

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