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5 Places To Visit In Russia – Must Read!

by janeausten
places to visit in Russia

“There lived a certain man in Russia long ago…”

Can you not get this song out of your head? Well, this is your cue to plan a vacation in Russia- one of the largest countries across the globe. Any tourist visiting Russia will never return home disappointed. 

The frozen lands, valleys, mountains, & warm sands are sure to impress any soul; who is willing to spend a few days in this stupendous country. 

However, in this article, I am going to list the most popular places to visit in Russia. Hence, not scrolling through this article would completely act against you. 

Top 5 Places To Visit In Russia 

Russia is home to two of the oldest, yet snug cities, namely, St. Petersburg & Moscow. Their age certainly did not affect their imperial splendor. Not to forget the splendid architecture, the shopping centers, the majestic parks, & even the metro stations are pretty- to be fair. 

Keeping that in mind, let us look at the top 5 places to visit in Russia. From spacious natural occurring to jaw-dropping gilded palaces- scroll through the article to have a profound knowledge of these places before you plan your vacation.

1. Moscow

The capital of the country should always be your first priority when going on a vacation in that particular country. Moscow is a magnificent amalgamation of greenery, exquisite architecture, & historical nostalgia.

As tourists, one should always start exploring the city from the center, with the vivid St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, and Kremlin. The shopping mall named, GUM, can be an ideal spot if you have the intention of trying out some traditional Russian food.

When in Moscow, never skip the museums. Some of the popular ones would be The State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum, & the Kremlin Armory Museum. The best way to end your Moscowian expedition would be a ballet or opera show at The Bolshoi Theater.

Street shopping at the Stary Arbat and a walk along the banks of the  Moskva River is quite a treat. 

2. Altai

Located in Siberia, the Altay Mountain stretches from Russia into Kazakhstan, China, & Mongolia. According to the best immigration lawyers, it is inhabited by several ethnic groups- who are involved in forestry & horse husbandry. 

The Altay Mountains have been regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, keeping its untouched beauty in mind. The frozen rivers & snowcapped mountains never fail to chastise cross-country skiers, hikers, & several winter lovers.

Last but not least, The Denisova Cave, in Siberia attracts a particular number of tourists, simply because of the artifacts, prehistoric horses, and bone fragments- dating back to 50,000 years.

How to begin with your Altay expedition? Start with Belokurikha, the resort town.

3. St. Petersburg

Albeit being geographically smaller than Moscow, St. Petersburg often captures its visitors more than a day. This Russian city, exhibits more of European culture, with exquisitely detailed designs along with some of the finest forms of art. 

You can commence with your architectural endeavor from the Moika Palace, also known as the murder spot of Rasputin (can be an ideal treading ground for a criminal defense lawyer). Moving on to the 19th C neoclassical St. Isaac’s Cathedral– an orthodox Russian museum.

Other tourist attractions include the Hermitage Museum, which is the second of its kind in the whole world. It is home to about 3 million prehistoric items & Catherine, the Great’s exquisite art collection.

Last but not least, I’d suggest you end this expedition by taking a 25 Km detour, to the outskirts of St. Petersburg and visit the Peterhof Palace.

4. The Russian Tundra

The Russian Tundra is an ecological delight that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. This unique biome exists only around the Arctic Circle. The extreme weather conditions restrict the growth of trees in this region, with special permits issued for a particular type of grass, shrubs, and moss. 

‘Permafrost’- a synonym for tundra, contributes massively to forming those wonderful patches of icy water, adding a hint of color to it. The Russian tundra is an abode for seals, polar bears, enriching birdlife (during the nesting season), and gray wolves.

 Tourists who are keen on ecotourism will love the tundra areas, with special mentions to the ‘Great Arctic State Nature Reserve’ located near Krasnoyarsk Krai. The Kola Peninsula, located in Murmansk city offers an incredible juxtaposition of the Northern Lights and the tundra views. 

5. Kizhi Island

How to reach: Tourists can take a ferry from the city of Petrozavodsk to reach the island. While during summer cruises will be giving you a tour around the lake, before taking you to the island.

A 6 Km long island, whose history of being inhabited dates back to the 15th C. The Kizhi island is located in the northwestern part of Russia, somewhere near Lake Onega. The open-air museum, Kizhi Pogost, is one of the main attractions of the island, with its 80 archaic wooden structures.

This island is home to two of the most popular 18th C churches, that have gained the title of the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. These churches assert their dominance as two of the tallest wooden architectural presentations, in Europe. 

 However, the legend goes that, the primary church was built using a single axe. There are 102 icons decorating the walls of the church, along with a huge wooden altar and 22 silver domes.

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With that being said, I would like to wrap up this discussion, with some of the notable Russian delights. However, the above-listed places are only the most popular ones. You have to set forth on your own expedition to discover and explore the hidden gems of the country. 

Connect with us in the comments section below if you have got some other tourist attractions in mind. Help your other fellow readers, with some of the hidden gems.

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