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Jewelry Storage Ideas that you actually want to use

by janeausten
Jewelry Storage Ideas that you actually want to use

You’ve probably gone through jewelry storage and organizer ideas for your wardrobe, kitchen, or even the entire dresser. But jewelry is an exclusive category. Firstly they are most delicate pieces. Secondly, they can get tarnished or tampered with easily, and finally, the nature of jewelry makes them easily get tangled up or end up getting lost. We own various kinds of jewelry—from expensive gems to precious metals to family heirlooms to goofy daily wear evil eye bracelets. There are too many kinds, and this certainly calls for the need for a proper organization. Just getting any jewelry organizer won’t do the trick. Like the title says, you need ideas that you can actually implement. So let’s sort out your jewelry woes! 

1. Review your collection and declutter

Before you shrug your shoulder to this first step of advice, let us tell you that you won’t believe that half of your organization’s job gets done in this step itself. Empty your entire drawer of the jewelry collection. You’ll discover pieces you’d long forgotten. You’ll find those that are in dire need of polishing or cleaning. You’ll also discover some (or actually plenty!) old pieces which you don’t want to keep anymore. Segregate according to these categories. For the ones you want to get rid of, you can sell them in a thrift store or donate them. Repair and clean the ones you think it’s needed. Decluttering may seem overwhelming at first, but as you zero in on the specifics, you’ll find a sense of relief. Next, you move on to choosing storage like a jewelry box or a jewelry stacker organizer

2. Invest wisely in a jewelry organizer

After the previous step, you’d have a clear view of the total jewelry you’d be storing. So now you need to choose a proper jewelry organizer. A jewelry box is basic storage, and you’ll get different kinds. Before buying one, ask yourself, do you want a vanity box showcasing your glitters on the top of your dresser? Do you want to store the box in an enclosed space, like inside the dresser drawer? How big should the box be to fit all the jewelry you want to store and also take the right amount of space? You can choose a clear top box for visibility or an ornate-looking box for a chic statement.  

3. Keep your daily wear within reach

After a tiring day, it’s easy to toss off your necklace or earrings before slumping into bed. But this can lead to a problem the next day if you can’t find them anymore. An easy hack for this is to use containers in your bathroom or bedside table where you can keep them instead of randomly leaving them at places. You can find chic-looking containers or storage boxes for this purpose. 

4. Create compartment spaces

You can use this idea to turn a junk drawer into a Tetris-like storage organizer that looks and works amazing. Use drawer dividers and divider trays to compartmentalize your jewelry and access them when you need them. You can easily store small stuff and chains that get tangled easily in separate slots. You can take this customization further by using a jewelry stacker organizer. Stackable organizers look slick and are extremely useful for keeping your precious items stored safely. They come with customized compartments designed for various kinds of jewelry. You can explore sophisticated looks like stackers classic taupe, and other neutral shade stackers.

5. Use travel-friendly organizers

You need suitable jewelry organizers while on the go. Using foldable jewelry organizers is a great way to save space and also pack them in your luggage as you travel. Explore foldable jewelry cases, jewelry binders, and jewelry bags for options that would suit you best!

6. Detangle storage options

Chains, bracelets, and the like easily get tangled up, and it’s frustrating to undo them when you’re hard-pressed for time. An easy hack for storing your chains, wristwear, bracelets, etc., is to use mounts or decorative hooks beside your dresser or mirror to store them. You’ll find this is how they store neck chains and bracelets in shops. This is done, so they are easy to access and don’t get tied up or tangled. 

7. Storing similar items together

This is a no-brainer and must have been obvious in the previous tips, but it can be useful if you have a habit of wearing a particular kind of jewelry more than others. If you love adorning yourself with ornamental rings or are particular about wearing a new pair of earrings every day, then this tip makes total sense. You’ll probably keep your staple jewelry in bigger and more accessible storage, while the rest can be in other compartments because you use them occasionally. You can use stylish ring dishes or satin earring pouches and even repurpose other storage options already available around the house. 

That sums up the practical tips you actually need for organizing and storing your jewelry. Always have the basics covered. If you don’t have enough space, figure out how to optimize it by using smart options like a jewelry stacker organizer instead of going for aesthetics in the very first go. When you have sorted your jewelry storage, try creative ideas to uplift your mood while decorating your dresser or adding a glam touch.  

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