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How to choose nail polish

by janeausten
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Most people like to wear nail polish, but choose nail polish that smells bad


  1. The most obvious feature of a good nail polish is that it has no smell. Frequent use of smelly nail polish is prone to formaldehyde poisoning. It depends on the drying speed. The fast drying is good nail polish.
  2. If you can, unscrew it and take a look at the brush. If the application is smooth, it is a good brush. The quality of the brush determines the uniformity of the color.
  3. For people with light skin, choose a wide range of nail polishes, which can be dark or light; for people with darker skin, it is best to choose dark nail polishes, which can make your hands look fresh and clean. You can also view at look fantastic discount code NHS
  4. If the skin is darker, the white ones are: sapphire blue, chocolate, wine, grape, red, pink, orange, black currant, bright red, dark red, retro pink bean paste, red jujube red, which are all powerfully white.
  5. If you want to make your fingers look more natural, or have a healthy glow, you can use a mid-red, pale pink, or translucent nail polish that is close to your skin tone to achieve this texture.

How to buy nail polish

In recent years, there have been many nail salons in China, and more and more people are doing manicures. Even if a manicure costs more than 100 yuan, they are willing, even if it can only stay on your nails for one or two months. . People’s love of beauty has not only created the rise of the nail industry, but also made the business of buying nail polish better and better. Some people say that the pattern on the nail is a kind of nail art, so how do we choose a good nail polish to use by ourselves? On the premise of not hurting myself, I wrote the following points based on my own buying experience, hoping to help you.


  • First, when buying nail polish, I will choose a nail polish that is healthy and lasting for 7-14 days. The specific number of days depends on how you apply it. Personally, I think the longer it lasts, the more inappropriate it is.
  • Second, when buying nail polish, I will choose nail polish without an irritating odor. Nail polish with an irritating odor will not only feel uncomfortable but also affect my family or friends around me. Choose nail polish without an irritating odor. Create a comfortable environment for yourself or others.
  • Third, when buying nail polishes, I will choose nail polishes that can be quickly dried without using a baking machine to save time. I think we all need them, and quick-drying nail polishes will not occupy other places.
  • Fourth, when buying nail polish, I will choose peelable nail polish. This kind of nail polish is easy to fall off, but it is safer. If the nail polish is lost, we can make it up, but if it is healthy, it will fall off.
  • Fifth, when buying nail polish, I will choose a nail polish that does not contain any impurities. This nail polish can protect the nail surface of our nails and avoid the damage caused by nail polish.
  • Sixth, when buying nail polish, I will choose a resin-containing nail polish. This nail polish is non-toxic and odorless, and it is glossy and wear-resistant when applied to the nails.
  • Seventh, when buying nail polish, I will choose natural mineral toner, add calcium gluconate, easy to color, full color, and strong nail surface.

How to Remove Old Nail Polish with New Nail Polish


  • Wait 1 minute. Since you’re not using a traditional nail polish remover, you need to allow the product to soak into the polish. Just leave the product on the nail for about 1 minute.
    The longer you wait, the better.
    If you’ve tried it for a long time, or need a stronger product, dip your nails directly in the solution for 4 to 5 minutes before continuing.
  • Wipe the product off the nails and remove the nail polish. After 1 minute, dry the nails again with a cotton pad or paper towel. You may need to use a little more force than with regular nail polish remover. Thicker or shimmery nail polishes take longer to remove. If you can’t get all the polish off the first time, you may need to repeat the above process. 
  • You can use an old toothbrush to wipe off the nail polish.
  • Paper towels are stronger than cotton balls and may remove stubborn nail polish.
  • Soak your hands in hot water, rub the polish, and then try removing the polish. Hot water loosens the polish, allowing the other finger’s nail to go under and peel off the polish. This method is very effective if there is still a little bit of nail polish left on the nails. You can also use this method to soften your nail polish before wiping it off with a homemade nail polish remover. You can also check at pretty little thing discount code NHS
  • For best results, use the hottest water you can tolerate, but don’t scald yourself.
  • You may need to soak for 20 to 25 minutes. You might as well watch TV while soaking your hands. Dry your hands after the TV show is over. If necessary, the water can be reheated.
  • Choose another nail polish that doesn’t dry as quickly. The solvent in the nail polish evaporates and dries. Applying another coat effectively softens these same solvents, bringing the polish back to its liquid state, giving you the opportunity to wipe them off. It is best to use a very thin, slow-drying nail polish. The transparent upper protective oil is relatively slow drying and is a good choice. Don’t use quick-drying nail polish, or sprays or drops that dry your nails faster.
  • Some bloggers recommend using a darker color than the original nail polish for better results. That said, the most important factor is how quickly the nail polish dries. Use a slow-drying nail polish.
  • Apply only one nail at a time. Apply new nail polish to cover up old polish. You don’t need to spend as much time as usual, it’s going to be wiped off soon anyway. Don’t let freshly applied nail polish dry. If it dries out, you will have a harder time removing it, and it will take longer.
  • Quickly wipe off freshly applied nail polish. After applying new nail polish, wipe off the old nail polish immediately. Paper towels work best.
  • Most people use cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover, but it’s best not to use cotton balls for this method. Cotton balls are likely to separate, or stick to wet nail polish.
  • For best results, use a little force. While applying a second coat of polish can effectively remove old polish, you may need to scrub harder than regular nail polish remover.

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