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How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Dissertation?

by janeausten

Dealing with a dissertation task is a nightmare for students. Many students cannot write their research tasks themselves and seek secondary help. Well, there is no wrong with taking a helping hand to complete a research project. Yet, the problem does not stop here. Sometimes, students have to hire a research writer to get rid of this task due to many reasons. Some students cannot devote enough time to their coursework due to jobs and responsibilities. Thus, they have no other option but to hire someone to write their research project.

Many students have no idea how much it could cost them to hire an academic expert to write their research. Perhaps you are one of the students searching to hire a research writer. That is why you landed here. Well, you came to the right place because this article has everything you need to know about the cost of hiring someone.

The Cost of Hiring Someone to Write a Research Project

There is no doubt that you can find excellent Online Class Help research help on the internet. Just by searching for it, you will find dozens of brilliant services. However, the issue that will arise is the cost of hiring them. Yet, no worries, this article can help you estimate the cost of hiring someone to write your dissertation.

Remember, there are some factors that affect the cost of hiring an academic expert to work for you. You have to understand all those factors to estimate the precise cost. Thus, below you will see those factors and how they affect the pricing accordingly. So read carefully because it is a matter of your money.

Word Count

The cost of hiring someone to write your research task relies highly upon the word count. The more the word count is, the more you will have to pay. Every academic service follows this rule. Therefore, wherever you go, you will find it in every firm. If you are curious to know the approximate cost of hiring a write your dissertation depending upon the word count, here is an example. Many services charge $1 per 100 words. It is the average cost of standard academic help services. Therefore, you will find something around it in your target service.

Moreover, as a dissertation task is lengthy, most students do not hire someone to write it whole. For example, a standard dissertation task has around 40,000 words. Now, if you do the math, the amount of 40,000 words will become a lot. Thus, most students cannot afford to pay someone to write their whole research projects. That is why some of them think smartly, as they ask academic experts to write only the vital parts such as methodology. So, if you are thinking of hiring someone to write your research, I suggest doing at least half of it yourself. In this way, you will not have to pay your targeted research writer a high amount of money. Also, you will get to learn many things related to your field of education by working on your research project.

Difficulty of Work

After the word count factor, there comes the difficulty of work. The academic expert often charges according to the difficulty levels of work. It means if your research project has a complex topic, you may have to pay more. You might be thinking, why? The word count would be the same, so why do I have to pay them more? Well, it is because of the data collection. Gathering data for rare topics is undeniably hard. Even academic experts have to face many obstacles during data collection. That is why they charge more because they have to spend more hours working on your research task.

Therefore, if you think your topic is ancient or too rare, I suggest trying to collect data yourself. This way, you can provide essential data to academic experts and ease their work. They will not charge you any extra in this way. Else, keep in mind to pay extra charges to the person you hire to write your dissertation.


The most vital factor in raising the cost of hiring someone to write your research project is the deadline. If you are running out of time, you are already at a disadvantage of paying extra money to the person you hire. They will take it as a plus point and ask you for more money. Why? Because they know you have no other option left but to pay them extra. Else, you will fail to submit the research task timely. Thus, if you really want to hire someone for your research task, ensure to hire them timely.

If you still want to know how much urgency and deadline affect the cost, here is an example. Imagine you have three weeks left for your research project. Three weeks for a yearlong task? This deadline is undoubtedly not enough to write a whole research project. Yet, a team of academic writers can make it possible. However, they would have to work hard and extra hours to complete your research task for you. That is why they will charge more money. Unfortunately, in such a case, you have nothing else left but to pay them the extra charges to save your career.

Besides, if you deal with your research work earlier and ask your friends to Take My Courses For Me, you will never get too late to complete it. Sometimes, students have to take care of their courses alongside dealing with their research projects. All this makes things daunting and nearly impossible for students. Yet, if you only get rid of your courses, it can ease things significantly.


Searching for pay someone to take my class-based research help to get a helping hand for your dissertation is a brilliant idea. However, you will have to pay them a lot of money to get their helping hands. I suggest to at least take care of some aspects of your research work yourself. This way, you will not have to pay a lot to the person you hire to write your research project.

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