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How much does a bankruptcy lawyer cost?

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Earlier this month, I’ve written an article about bankruptcy and now I’m writing a post on How much does a bankruptcy lawyer cost? To be honest, it was really necessary to answer this question because buying a car or paying your mortgage is not a big deal after having bankruptcy. It is really bad but you need to know that this is just your last step on the road to your financial freedom. Unfortunately, we have a lot of people who have financial problems and don’t even realize that they can totally solve them with bankruptcy.

What does a bankruptcy lawyer cost? This is probably the most common question my personalized team receives. Every case is different, but at the end of the day, bankruptcy is an expensive process. If you get denied for chapter 7 you will have to pay your attorney as well as back taxes. On top of filing fees to liquidate assets, there are large amounts of interest and penalties to be paid. bankruptcy lawyer

The cost of a bankruptcy lawyer can vary greatly and depend on a number of factors including the lawyer’s location and experience, the individual’s income, whether the person wants to file for chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy (read my other tips regarding this), and more.

Reaching out for help after crossing over the edge is a scary proposition. You’re at a critical turning point that can change your life forever or worse — leaving you with no other option but to move forward in uncharted territory. For many individuals, bankruptcy isn’t an option until it absolutely becomes one. At times like these, you want someone who’s been there before and knows the territory well — a bankruptcy lawyer.

Do bankruptcy lawyers give free consultations?

It’s a question people ask fairly often, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to know. So here’s the bottom line: Yes, bankruptcy lawyers do often give free consultations. However, for their time and expertise, you pretty much have to pay them – unless you know how to negotiate really well.

If you’re like most people, filing for bankruptcy is the last thing you want to do—but it may actually be the best option for you. As a San Francisco bankruptcy law practice, we provide free consultations and evaluate if you can file for bankruptcy. We only get paid if you file for bankruptcy. bankruptcy lawyers

You’re in over your head in debt. Perhaps you’ve maxed out several credit cards, and — even worse — had to delve into the red with your car loan. Or, maybe you fell into a little bit of bad luck on your side business and ended up going under. No matter the reason or which kind of debt you have, all is not lost. With bankruptcy, you can avoid repossession. If you have any hope of getting out from underneath your crippling debts, then reaching out to an experienced attorney is your first move.

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