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Check Out the Best 10 Working Alternatives of 1337x

by janeausten

1337x is one of the most popular torrenting sites in the world. The site’s popularity has made it an attractive target for governments and copyright holders alike. As a result, 1337x has been blocked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in many countries including Australia, Belgium, India, Italy and the UK. The site was also recently kicked out of its hosting provider leaving it without any servers or DNS records for visitors to access. So what does this mean for 1337x users? It means that if you want to download torrents from 1337x then you’ll probably have this experience:

Best Working Alternatives of 1337x


Zooqle is a torrent search engine that is similar to 1337x. Using Zooqle, you can find any kind of file you want, whether it be an e-book or a movie or music album. The interface is clean and user-friendly, making the site easy to use for even the most inexperienced users.


It is a torrent search engine that indexes torrent files and magnet links from across the web.

This Website searches over 50 million torrents, providing users with a way to find content without having to download it directly from websites. Torrents can be search by category, file type or size. Once you’ve found a torrent that interests you, simply click on its link and your browser will take you directly to the page where you can download it.


Bitport.io is a torrent search engine that lets you find online content and download them. The website has a clean and simple interface, so you can easily use it.

The website shows the number of seeders and leechers in each torrent, so you can easily choose which torrents have more people sharing them. Bitport also shows magnet links for those who prefer downloading via magnet links rather than .torrent files.


YTS.ag is an up-and-coming torrent site with a large collection of movies and TV shows. The website is very easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners who are just getting started with using torrent sites. The site also has a good track record of not getting taken down by authorities, so you can expect YTS to be around for the long run!

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an Extratorrent site that has been around since 2003. The site was create for the purpose of sharing copyrighted content and has been block in many countries. Despite its controversial nature, The Pirate Bay is still one of the most popular sources for movies, TV shows, music and more.


Torrents.me is one of the best alternatives to 1337x. The website has a clean user interface and it is fast, secure, and anonymous. You can use it for free without any registration.

To download torrent files from Torrents.me, you need to add them from their homepage or search result page. Once you have added them then click on the “Download” button and wait for your download to finish completely before opening it because if you open a partially downloaded file then there are chances that your computer may get infect with viruses or malware which may damage your hard drive or destroy important data store in your computer system!


It is a Bulgarian torrent site similar to 1337x in terms of content and layout. This has a good search function, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

However, these websites may not be as fast as some other sites such as 1337x or Torrentz2.


LimeTorrents is a torrent indexer that has been online since 2016. The site is available in both English and Spanish, making it a good alternative to 1337x for those who speak either of these languages. It also has an active forum where you can discuss LimeTorrents with other users or post any issues with the website itself.

The site isn’t as popular as some other alternatives such as The Pirate Bay, but it still gets millions of visitors each month thanks to its huge library of content which includes movies, TV shows, music albums, and even ebooks!


KickassTorrents is a torrent indexing site that boasts fast download speeds and high-quality torrents. It is know for its ability to not only offer great downloads but also be able to keep the site up and running even after other sites have been take down by authorities. If you’re looking for an alternative option to 1337x, KickassTorrents may be your best bet.

While it doesn’t have as many users as some of our previous options (like Torrentz2), there are still plenty of people using this site on a daily basis.


We hope this article has helped you to find the best alternatives of 1337x. If you are still looking for more options, then we recommend reading our other articles about working torrent sites. We also have a list of top 10 torrent sites that will continue to work even if the original site goes down or becomes inaccessible in your country. So don’t worry! Even if one torrent site goes down, there are always others waiting in line ready to take its place.”

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