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Four Benefits of Online Education for Digital Marketing Students

by janeausten

At the beginning of the pandemic, almost everyone had (and voiced) their doubts about online education. However, as the days and months went by, online classes began to be our new normal – one with many more benefits than any one of us could have ever predicted. Looking at it now, it appears almost certain that online education is here to stay – and with a new form of education comes an abundance of additional questions. For one, just like traditional classes, online education will not fit every student’s needs, raising the question – which students will benefit from online learning? While this article can’t cover every scientific discipline, it does look at some of the benefits of online education for digital marketing students.

A self-paced education

Each one of us can think back to the time we were in school. There, not everyone was on the same level, yet we all had to follow a mandatory curriculum. As a result, some students inevitably fell behind, unable to follow along. However, with online education, the risk of falling behind is all but gone. Online learning allows students to complete lessons at their own pace. Thus, a part-time job, family obligations, or any number of time-consuming activities won’t hinder their progress. As all the learning materials are readily available, students are free to go over them in their own time. Furthermore, most universities are embracing the practice of recording their lectures and uploading them for students taking the course online, lowering the risk of students falling behind because of justified absence. In addition to flexibility, this gives students the chance to work on their organisation and time management skills – two pivotal traits for just about anyone in digital marketing.

The fight to stay relevant

Claiming that we live in a fast-paced world is an understatement. Our society is in constant motion with an abundance of new trends coming along almost every day at this point. In such a world, staying relevant is a priority – especially in marketing. After all, how can you market a product if you’re uncertain as to what sells these days? Here is where online education and top-notch online program management come in. Instead of using outdated textbooks, online management programs will offer you a glimpse into the marketplace. Through an online marketing course, students are introduced to how digital marketing functions. In short, they get to experience the process of digitally marketing a product in real-time, while using just about every imaginable resource they could find. Once they’ve completed the course, these students are not just book-smart, but a marketing force ready to take on the business world.

An education equal for all

We’ve mentioned that online education is more flexible than traditional classroom lectures. However, with that flexibility comes yet another benefit – access. It’s no secret that higher education today is not something equally accessible to all. Even in countries where education is available for all, it is still not affordable for all. Interestingly, it appears that online learning could (at least partially) breach this gap. For an online class, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a semi-quiet place to work. Through online learning, an entire array of Ivy League courses could become available and affordable to students from every corner of the globe. Requirements such as student debt and sky-high tuition could easily become a thing of the past. For digital marketing students, this could also bring more diversity. Enrolling in an online course taught in another part of the world could broaden students’ horizons concerning global market demands, diverse consumer demand, and culture-specific marketing trends. Thus, with a diverse array of online courses, digital marketing students could become fit to work in just about every industry and corner of the world.

Learning on a budget

Traditional in-class learning comes with an abundance of hidden costs, from enrolment fees to soaring textbooks prices. Thus, paying the tuition is rarely enough for a complete and well-rounded education. The surprising aspect of online learning is that it cuts all these additional costs in half. As there is no need for a classroom or paperback books, the extra costs disappear. Lecturers can upload all the required materials and find newer sources for their students. Students may also find their learning resources – an additional benefit for digital marketing students as it helps them hone their researching skills, a valuable trait in their line of business.

While no one learning model will ever be ideal, online learning has highlighted some of the problems of traditional education. With that, it has also brought the chance for more affordable, accessible, and flexible education to many – something definitely worth trying. 

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