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What Is The Workplace Investigation Process In Australia?

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Workplace Investigation

You might not anticipate hearing about bullying, discrimination, harassment, or accusations of wrongdoing on a Monday morning. It may come as quite a shock and is not something anyone looks forward to, but if a serious allegation is made at work, what you do next will be very important. The only acceptable answer is to conduct a full, impartial workplace inquiry, which will enable you to address the actual problem at hand. It’s critical to adhere to these best practices recommendations to make sure your inquiry is impartial, truthful, and able to withstand examination at every level.

Recognize The Consequences Associated With A Poorly Conducted Workplace Investigation

A botched workplace inquiry can result in upset employees, unresolved problems, a culture of mistrust, and, of course, the possibility of legal action. There is a substantial body of case law in Australia where internal investigations have been found to be biased, slow, or unjust, and in some instances, this has resulted in the employee being reinstated or receiving compensation. And that kind of number doesn’t even take into account the negative publicity and public image a result like this could generate.

Adhere To A Defined, Exhaustive Inquiry Procedure

It is crucial to follow the right procedures while conducting a workplace inquiry in order to produce a thorough, accurate, and auditable paper trail of what occurred and how the issue was resolved. This comprises:

  • Determining the parameters of the workplace investigation
  • Conducting a thorough initial interview with the complainant
  • Making accusations
  • Notifying the respondent of the charges and any ensuing inquiries
  • Speak with any witnesses to get a full account.
  • Take into account the evidence, or ask an unbiased investigator to do so.
  • Officially notify the respondent of whatever proof you have found, give them the chance to respond, and lastly
  • Officially notify the respondent of any conclusions.

Keep In Touch With All Parties

After an allegation is made, a workplace inquiry should be conducted as soon as possible, and the complainant, respondent, and all pertinent parties should be informed of the process in full. When working with an outside workplace investigator like Employment Lawyers Perth, we’ll ask for all pertinent paperwork, including policies, correspondence, and any tangible proof. Then, we use the above-mentioned process to apply our understanding of workplace policies and practices. Using the care and diligence these situations may require to discover the best resolution, we may also offer choices for complex situations like a respondent going missing while on sick leave or many complaints coming from a single employee.

Make Active Improvements To Your Workplace Using The Experience.

While a workplace investigation isn’t always a pleasant experience, it can be a productive one. When an employment lawyer conducts a workplace investigation, we not only provide a thorough investigative report, but we also provide an optional report with unbiased insights on what may have first prompted the complaint. You’ll be prepared with doable recommendations on how to handle problems with operations, culture, or human resources.

A workplace inquiry done in accordance with best practices will be swift, transparent, and handled with objectivity, tolerance, persistence, and outstanding communication skills. Contact our staff in Australia if you’d like to speak with employment lawyers in Perth WA about a recent claim.

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