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10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Renting to a Tenant

by janeausten

Landlords rent their properties to gather income from their tenants. To ensure there are no problems when renting their valuable apartment or house, it is important to verify tenants in the right way beforehand. While many landlords have a trouble-free experience with their tenants, many things should be known about them before landlords rent their properties. This will save them from a lot of problems that can occur later.In this article, read about 10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Renting to a Tenant. 

10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Renting to a Tenant

This article talks about some of the most important questions tenants should ask before landlords rent their property. If you are one of those considering their property, this article will benefit you. Keep on reading to find more.

What is your expected date to move in?

One of the earliest questions you must ask your tenant is about the date they wish to move into your property. Say you are willing to rent your property on a certain day, but the tenant wants to move in after that; you can continue your search for other tenants if that is what you want.

Asking this question lets you know quite a lot about your tenant. Of course, the first thing you would get to know is the actual date the tenant wants to move in. But this question also lets you know if the tenant is willing to move into your property faster than expected.

In an ideal situation, the previous landlord will provide the tenant with a considerable amount of time before vacating the property. But if you spot that the tenant is rushing things a bit, this may be a sign that the tenant could have caused some trouble for their previous landlord. Although there is no guarantee to this claim, being aware of this can be a precaution for you. The landlords should know about investment property loans if they are into investing. 

How many people would you be sharing the house with?

The amount of people that will live in your house, along with the tenant, is a very important thing that you should know about. This will enable you to inform your tenants if the space available at your property is enough for them.

For example, having a small apartment is enough for 1 or 2 tenants. But if 4 or 5 people want to stay in your small apartment, this may be a problem for them and you. As per law, only a maximum number of people can be allowed to stay in a house of a certain size. To avoid getting into trouble, asking the tenant about the number of people beforehand can be great for you.

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How much are your approximate earnings?

Having an idea about the tenants’ earnings is an extremely crucial factor for all landlords. A tenant who is financially stable enough to pay rent on time is naturally beneficial for you. You have rented your property mainly to earn money, and a delay in payment will only be a disservice to your purpose. Read about how rental income is taxed.

A financially stable tenant will always pay you rent on the due date. This will help you to get free from a lot of stress, and you can relax knowing that you will receive the rent on the scheduled date of the month.

Will any pets be living with you?

Ask your tenants whether they have any pets. If you, as a landlord, have no problem with tenants living in your house with pets, then it’s not an issue. However, if you are someone who cannot allow pets on your property for whatever reason, inform your tenants beforehand. This will make it easier for your tenant to decide whether or not they want to move into your house. And if they are not interested after this, you can also continue your search for another suitable tenant.

Also, do not forget to enquire about what kind of pets the tenant has. Suppose you have a particular problem with allowing a dog into your property but have no issues with allowing a cat; you can discuss this with your tenant.

Could you be able to provide a reference from your landlord?

If the answer to this question is yes, the tenant is suitable to stay in your property. Although there are exceptions, most landlords will happily provide a positive reference for their tenants. A positive reference acts as great feedback for the tenant. It proves that the tenant’s landlord is satisfied with their stay, making it easier for you to find the tenant reliable.

A tenant who seems to be taken aback by this idea may not be in the good books of their landlord. Although it is recommended not to judge a tenant solely on this matter, it can act as a good indicator to be careful about letting the tenant stay in your property.

What is the reason for you moving?

The answer to this question can let you know about the main motive for the person moving to your house. There can be many reasons why a tenant would like to change houses. But if the answer seems like something with a negative aspect, you can reconsider renting your apartment to the particular tenant.

Do you, or any of the people living with you, smoke?

Smoking might be a personal matter of the tenant, but it can be bad for your property. Smoking can cause damage to your property and even cause fire-related accidents. This is why you should ask a tenant this question before renting them your property.

How many vehicles do you own? 

This a great question to ask a tenant since more vehicles need more parking spaces. To ensure that your property has enough parking space as needed by the tenants, you must ask this question.

Have you ever been involved in legal trouble?

Verifying if the tenant has ever been involved in legal trouble or not is a great way to ensure that they are free from any convictions. This is great since you would want to be careful about a tenant with a criminal history even if you agree to rent them your property.

Is there something that can prevent you from paying rent?  

This is a question that landlords often overlook. Despite being financially stable, tenants can have some reasons that might sometimes prevent them from paying their duly rent. Knowing about these factors is essential since it will help you decide whether you want to rent them your property or not.

If the problem stated by them is something that occurs frequently, you can rethink renting the tenant of your property.

The bottom line

There are many things landlords should ask their prospective tenants. Doing this eases their process to decide if or not a particular tenant is suitable to stay in their property. This article provides a list of some important questions that landlords should ask before renting to a tenant. 

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