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Justified Reasons To Buy Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

by janeausten
Justified Reasons To Buy Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

Anything precious and beautiful steals attention same is the case with gemstones and crystals. The elite class, local communities, and tribes have adored styling classy and elegant Gemstone Jewelry for ages.

Varied colors and magical healing abilities make gems unique as precious jewels for designing ornaments. For a long time, humans have been joyfully availing the benefit of the valuable gift of nature, the so-called gemstones.

Color, clarity, carat, and cut are the significant parameters to determine the worth of a gem. Per the standard operating process, they get treated through polishing and cutting.

Gemstones also get set in Sterling Silver Jewelry for versatility, budget-friendly, and hypoallergenic accessories. Swiss Blue Topaz is an appealing blue color gemstone, also a December birthstone, and this article explores justified reasons to buy its jewelry.

Brief Summary About Swiss Blue Topaz

The Swiss Blue Topaz is a gorgeous vivid blue-shade variety of Topaz gem that embodies the energies of the mind and the knowledge.It’s among the three most famous varieties of the Blue Topaz, accompanied by lighter Sky blue Topaz and dark blue London Topaz. Swiss Blue Topaz has a light tone and light to moderate saturation.Swiss Blue Topaz is favorite of designers due to its excellent blue color. It’s available in many shapes, sizes and appears exquisite in various color metals.

Historical Facts About Swiss Blue Topaz

The stimulation for Blue Topaz Switzerland may have come from an old philosophy, but its qualities are still essential and valuable now. This gorgeous gemstone has been captivating since the beginning of time.

In folklore, the Swiss Blue Topaz is depicted as the gem of peace and healing because it was discovered by the Romans over two millennia ago on the Island of Topazios in the Red Sea.

People believed it could protect its wearer from enemies and bring reconciliation. People also worshiped in Old Egypt, which claimed to hold mystical powers from Sun God Ra. In addition, many tribes believed that Topaz could dispel sickness in South America when the moon was complete.

Zones To Find The Swiss Blue Topaz

The Blue Topaz gets mined in many regions of the world, including China, the USA, Russia, and Mexico. In the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, however, it’s the world’s most enormous transparent Topaz crystals got found. Maximum gemstone production gets carried out by artisanal miners.

Swiss Blue Topaz As Birthstone

The Swiss Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December and a gem for the 16th wedding anniversary. It has a gorgeous glacier-blue color, which makes it the perfect winter birthday gift in the form of Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry.

Its durable nature has made it a famous precious gem commemorating crucial life occasions. Swiss Blue Topaz signifies commitment, integrity, relentless love, friendship, and proper communication.

Quality Determining Factors of Swiss Blue Topaz

As there is no specified grading method for colored gemstones, the gemologists suggest evaluating each blue Topaz separately. Clarity, color, cut, and carat is the primary factors determining the value of tempting blue Topaz.

Clarity is the first and foremost consideration, followed by the vibrancy of color and a professional cut. The evaluating parameters are as follows:

  • Color- The Swiss Blue Topaz varies from light to dark blue color. They can also have a slight turquoise shade reminiscent of Aquamarine. Users must know that naturally obtained blue Topaz is extremely rare.Henceforth, the blue variety utilized in jewelry is always attained through heating or irradiation of colorless Topaz.
  • Carat- Natural or raw Topaz gets spotted as a crystal that is considerably larger than many other precious gems. The per capita price of Swiss Blue Topaz does not rise much as the size of the gemstone increases. Therefore, its a budget-friendly, valuable, Swiss Blue Topaz adjusts well to a more large-size accessory.
  • Clarity- When you purchase an ornament of Swiss Blue Topaz, always seek out gemstones with superb clarity. It’s as pure as possible that gets noticeable to the naked eyes and will always have a magnificent shine. A Brazilian Topaz is famous for its large, transparent crystals. It’s a beautiful gem to purchase if you wish to own a big, glossy stone at a cost-effective value.
  • Cut- A Swiss Blue Topaz is a universal gemstone when it comes to shape. One can find it in the form of large crystals; cutters of this gem are not too restricted by price and can henceforth afford to lose some of the gemstone. Emerald and Cushion cuts are popular, but one can find the Swiss Blue Topaz in round, pear, oval, and Marquise cuts as well as triangles or fancy designer shapes.

Tips To Style Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

The giant, high-clarity crystals of colorless Topaz can get treated to change them into a distinctive blue color. Add charm to your ensemble and enhance your personality by styling the Swiss Blue Topaz Ring.

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