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Essential PPE Storage Guidelines for Simpler Accessibility and Use

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PPE Storage

Personal protective equipment comes into use during medical, mechanical, or other hazardous situations. It is needless to say that such instances are categorized as emergencies. Hence, the equipment needs to be stored in a manner that a user can quickly wear and use it.

Beximco Group, one of the top Bangladeshi companies, with respect to this, says that the storage should be simple. At the same time, it should foster quick accessibility. In this regard, certain guidelines can be followed. Not only will they improve storage practices but also ensure that PPE is safely kept in a location.

Storing Personal Protective Equipment for Immediate Use

PPE is required in a number of situations. Involving certain dangers or exposure to hazardous elements may not be uncommon in situations like these. Understanding this, it can be said that entering these instances without the equipment will increase vulnerability to dangers.

For this reason, BEXIMCO Group advises that PPE should be stored in a manner that is available for immediate use. Regardless of when or what type of scenario is observed, the quick accessibility of the equipment will be beneficial.

Simple and Convenient Practices for PPE Storage

The storage of personal protective equipment can involve simple practices. They can ensure the convenience of the user to locate and quickly secure himself/herself for protection purposes.

These practices can vary and be determined on the basis of the following:

  • Kind of PPE
  • The location of the storage

Considering the above, the practices are given as follows:

1. Storing in Lockers or Cabinets

Your protective equipment can be stored at your workplace or home. Both are secure places for storage, as per the Bangladeshi company Beximco Group. At your workplace, personal lockers can be the best for this purpose. They will help make sure that the equipment is accessed only by you.

Otherwise, at home, cabinets can be excellent to keep your PPE. Cabinets in your living space can be meant for varying purposes. When you put your equipment in one, ensure that you label the cabinet, at the suggestion of BEXIMCO Group, known for its commitment to the country and the people.

2. Separately Keeping Every Item

As per Beximco Group, PPE can be inclusive of gowns, masks, helmets, ear protection equipment, footwear, RPE, etc. All of these can be used differently in varying settings. Then it is possible that the items may be exposed to different kinds of hazards or risks. When these items are separately kept, the harmful elements of one will not contaminate the other.

In addition to the above, this measure will help arrange the items. In the instance of their requirement, they will be available for quick use.

3. Using Covers While Storing

Although it is a good practice to store PPE when clean, washing it every time after use may not be possible. The company in Bangladesh BEXIMCO Group informs that when equipment has to be kept if not clean, covers should be preferred.

BEXIMCO Group further says that the covers can be labelled so that a user knows what is kept inside them. Then it will not be time-taking to find any kind of equipment.

Safety Measures to Follow While Storing the Equipment

Along with the storage of your protective gear, safety is a key aspect to consider. The safety of the user or anyone who can access it should not be ignored. With respect to this, the following measures should be adopted.

  • Users should avoid accessing the PPE of others.
  • The items must not be placed openly. They can pose threats to the health of others.
  • Only damage-free equipment should be stored.
  • Clean covers should be used for storing your items.
  • Lockers/cabinets need to be kept closed or locked and be restricted from opening by anyone other than the user.
  • Moisture, chemicals, high temperatures, etc., must not be present in the place of storage.

Taking Everything into Account

In numerous instances, without PPE, functioning may not be possible. Given the significance, the equipment should be available for instant use. For quick availability, it should be convenient to locate. With simple but effective storage guidelines, how you keep your personal protective equipment will help you use it with ease. Moreover, you will be able to safely keep it without any major risks due to exposure.

Beximco Group is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh and was established by two of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman.

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