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6 Things to Do in Venice Beach, CA

by janeausten
6 Things to Do in Venice Beach

Los Angeles has tons in its bucket of amazing places to be. While Hollywood tends to be a popular destination for many, there are places that match its allure, such as Venice Beach.

During the early days of Venice Beach, it was a resort town on the shores of the Pacific, which was more or less a minor version of its Italian namesake.

You can say a lot has changed since 1905, as Venice today is a seaside neighborhood with a long-standing culture that, almost out of nowhere, gained momentum and became a thing.

If your next getaway destination is Venice Beach, here’s a checklist of things to do:

The Beach

The main thing that attracts millions of visitors every year to Venice Beach is its spectacular oceanfront. 

Strolling barefoot on the white shores looking out to the Pacific Ocean or the city sprawling behind is like merging a remote tropical island with a bustling metropolis.

The beach is large, beautiful, and the best place to be if you want to go sunbathing or hang out with loved ones on the white sand.

Venice Skate Park

For skateboarders, the Venice Skate Park is paradise. The giant structure is like a symbol of recognition for skateboarders who pushed for its construction and finally managed to have a place to showcase and share skills.

But the park isn’t just for skating enthusiasts. It has grown into a culture of showcasing talent, where skilled skateboarders converge to perform tricks and entertain onlookers. 

You may not be into skating and stuff, but watching and supporting talented individuals in their art is more fun than you may expect.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

When driving along Abbot Kinney Boulevard, you’re probably the safest you can be behind the wheel in California. We all know just how bad traffic accidents are in the state. 

But you can drop all worries when driving through Abbot Kinney Boulevard and enjoy the unique nature of this street.

By all means, the boulevard could be dismissed as a sleepy side of town where time stood still. But that’s what adds to the charm. If you’re driving through, then it’ll probably force you to slow down from the pace of everyday life.

The Storefronts

Outside the popular and quirky beach activities, the next best thing is the neighborhood’s stylish yet casual surroundings.

This time you may want to explore Abbot Kinney Boulevard on foot and discover some popular eat-outs and places to shop. Between the boulevard and streets like Washington and Venice Boulevards, you should be able to enjoy some of the area’s best boutiques, eateries, and galleries.

Street Art

In Venice Beach, art is alive, and it comes in various forms. One thing you won’t fail to notice is the street art, from graffiti to murals.

There’s plenty to marvel at and take beautiful photos if you’re into street art. The best place to start, of course, is Abbot Kinney Boulevard. 

At The Brig, there’s this large piece of retro art depicting a couple, with an old version of the same building in the background. Not far off, there’s a beautiful mural called “Innocent Wonder,” depicting a little girl in a mountainous backdrop.

Now and then, you’ll come across a wall decorated with wonderful and even weird pieces of art to mull over.

You also want to explore Lincoln Boulevard, Washington Boulevard, and Rose Avenue for more murals and wall art.

The Boardwalk

The Venice Boardwalk is more than just a strip of concrete lined with gift shops and small restaurants. What makes the boardwalk unique is that it hosts everyone and everything. It’s the place where the lines blur, and you get to see different aspects of life.

The stretch is bright and sunny, with shops and street vendors selling all sorts of things. It’s also frequented by street performers, skaters, and cyclists enjoying the moment.

One moment you’re gawking at bodybuilders, and the next, you’re hurrying past a vendor trying to sell you some weed. The place is also home to the homeless, seeking refuge in the happy vibe. 

While the boardwalk may seem intense for some people, it’s simply different, and the difference is embraced. It’s a walk that can make you more appreciative of where you are in life.

Final Thoughts

Venice Beach has its charms despite what some may find disappointing, which is mostly the Venice Boardwalk. But the attraction doesn’t lie in what is proper or glamorous. The beauty of the place is its unapologetic culture. It’s a happy place and playground by the sea.

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