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Why should you choose the right custom molded cables and harness manufacturing companies?

by janeausten


A number of big-brand harness manufacturing companies have a strong market presence in wires, cables and custom molded cables in major cities of the USA.  While all the brands promise low-prices, the quality is the differentiating factor among these hardware products.  Hence, we have to identify the quality standards of the brand of our choice, before we go on to choose the right manufacturing company.

However, to evaluate quality, we need to define and understand the utility of the two terms – harness manufacturing and molded cables.  Let’s check them out…

What is harness manufacturing?

Harness Manufacturing Companies assemble or connect together Custom molded cables, wires, and connectors such that electrical signals or power is transmitted to one device or more.  Typically, wire harness manufacturers or companies undertake the assembling work as well. This process is called harness manufacturing. They will use a number of devices and techniques during assembling wires like cutting, soldering, and striping, crimping and assembling wires to perform the function.

Wiring harness is an external cover or a sheath that surrounds particular types of electronic wires. Such wiring harnesses use thermostat materials so as to protect cables within their environment. These cables may not however be able to handle extreme heat, flexing, chemicals, abrasion, or impact.  

What do molded cables mean?

A key protection and support for cables in rugged and harsh environments are custom molded cables. They are manufactured by injecting molten material into a mold cavity.  The connectors and the mold are mechanically merged to create a single unit. This process will give cables the protection to withstand shock, vibration and keep them flexible. The molded cables are used in critical areas like aerospace, military and industrial applications and a wide range of commercial applications. They are available in a number of sizes, shapes, configurations, materials as well as configurations.

Why should you choose the right makers of harness cables?

Now that we have a clear understanding of harness wires and molded cables, the reason you have to buy only from harness cable manufacturers who focus on high-quality standards is clear.  The right manufacturer will guarantee high quality, have a fair contract and negotiate fairly. They will assure that all deliveries are on-time and prompt, apart from ensuring a flexible approach across the whole cycle of purchase.

Hence only when products are manufactured to very high standards, and standard procedures;  do they qualify as the hardware you should choose to use. However, it is highly recommended that you opt for a comprehensive testing option, prior to delivery of the product.

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