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2D Animation for Beginners: A Guide to creating video Animations

by janeausten
2d Animated Videos

2D animation services are your best bet if you want to create clips that connect with the audience instantly. They can be used on different platforms, including websites, social media, and more. In addition, kids and teens prefer these videos for entertainment purposes. 

The website is tabbed as one of the most critical components of 2D video animation services. Moreover, your presence on social media through your business pages is just as significant. So, it’s evident that your business will do better once it has an online presence.  

When you use a 2D video animation service, it integrates the most relevant and fit elements to surround the characters. These props add more attraction and ensure a lasting impression on the viewers. Personify your product or services through lively drawings and effectively convey your story to the target audience.      

There are different types of 2D animation videos. For example, kinetic typography is a method that entails moving text to draw viewers. It offers wide applications in commercials, music videos, websites, and mobile apps. Other services include frame-by-frame animation, shape animation, whiteboard animation, and more.

Reasons to invest in 2D animation

2D animated videos are the perfect marketing tool, only bettered by 3D videos. Animated videos are easy to design and upload on websites, social media pages, and other channels that viewers find interesting. 2D animated videos are simpler and easier to prepare. Moreover, they are effective in conveying a message.  

Without traversing online, no company can survive modern-day competition for the highest market share or more profits. Think of it as a new business genre that offers multiple advantages; one such benefit is its high reach in a short time period. Those who overlook the need to invest in this niche will eventually suffer a loss. Not hiring a 2D video animation service is not an option for today’s businesses, so get started and connect with a reliable firm. 

2D animators render your business with an improved identity. They create animations for those looking to explore their options and expand their presence online. A typical 2D animator creates hand-drawn images on a flat surface, such as paper, a computerized storyboard, or a clear cell, and then draws a new image for every frame. Once complete, the animator takes a picture or films the frames in succession. 

2D animators enhance your business’s visibility

As the online market has become more competitive, businesses realize the importance of 2D animation services. If your business is not identified on the market, it will have minimal impact. So, to extend its reach online, a 2D animation is necessary. Connect with a prominent 2D animation company and get yourself served in a cordial and effective manner. 

To improve brand identity and visibility, these videos are used on:

Social Media

Several firms have active social media accounts. People enjoy spending time with them, especially the young ones. Therefore, reap the benefits of this platform by adding your 2D videos and creating a viral effect. 


You can use 2D videos on the home page of your website. This includes a brief description of your company, its values, and its identity. This method is a terrific approach to grabbing attention because people spend more time on websites, especially landing pages. These videos help to increase visitor engagement and decrease bounce rates.


One of the best methods to promote a 2D video is through email. You can include a thumbnail for the 2D animation video in the email and forward it. This method can increase the CTR to 56% and the open rate to 20%. You can also include an email signature for a set amount of time.

Foundation of Animation 

There are twelve basic principles that every animator should follow. These principles act as the foundations of bringing life to the artwork.

  1. Squash ‘n’ stretch
  2. Anticipation
  3. Staging
  4. Action sequences (posing etc.)
  5. Overlapping and follow-through action
  6. Slow in and slow out
  7. Arc
  8. Secondary action
  9. Timing
  10. Exaggeration
  11. Solid Drawing
  12. Appeal

Basic Steps for 2D Animation

Use these tips and tricks to start the animation process:

  1. Create a storyboard
  2. Choose your animation software
  3. Start each animation with still images
  4. Keep it organized
  5. Make use of all resources

Expert 2D animators can work on different types of videos with ease. They understand your project and employ an effective strategy to make your brand stand out from the crowd. One of the notable aspects of 2D animation services is their relevancy. The videos generate optimal results from the target audience on different platforms, such as websites and emails. 


2D animation is a vast field related to different types of videos, such as kinetic typography, frame-to-frame animation, and more. It helps to create an instant connection with the target audience and ensures success in the long run. Connect with a reliable company and utilize their 2D video animation services!

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