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Best Horror Movies to Watch in 2022 While Vaping

by janeausten

It’s officially spooky season! Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year thanks to the candy, pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and thrills. One of the best parts about October is watching some scary movies, whether you want to creep yourself out alone or scream with friends.

We are putting together a list of some of the best horror movies to watch leading up to Halloween this year. And then we will tell you what e-juice to pair with each film to satisfy multiple senses! So grab your non nicotine vape pen, some popcorn, and get ready to binge some spooky films.


This was the first horror movie to be released in 2022. It’s the fifth installment of the iconic horror franchise, taking place 25 years after the original. This humorous and violent scarefest has a lot of ties to the original film, including the original cast making a return to the big screen. The plot also revolves around sequels and horror movie tropes, keeping viewers entertained throughout. It’s definitely a fun ride if you like gore and dark humor.

E-Juice: Raspberry

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This Netflix movie is a direct sequel to the original movie, which came out in 1974. Leatherface is back 50 years after his original killing spree, this time going after a group of young entrepreneurs. The teens travel to an abandoned town in Texas with the plan to make it a trendy, gentrified vacation spot. But that plan is threatened by Leatherface when he goes on a rampage, including a pretty shocking scene in a school bus. This isn’t as brutal as the older Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, but it’s definitely an enjoyable film to check out if you’re looking for a violent good time.

E-Juice: Menthol


This horror movie was met with praise on Rotten Tomato (pretty rare for a horror movie). Sick of using dating apps, Noa bumps into Steve in a grocery store and the two start chatting. After giving Steve her number, the two go on a date and end up falling in love. They plan a romantic weekend away but the whirlwind romance isn’t quite what Noa had hoped. Steve has a deranged side and a warped appetite, making it a fight for survival.

E-Juice: Mint


Part supernatural, part family drama, this thriller revolves around a mother and daughter who appear to live a quiet life as beekeepers on a remote farm. But then the mother receives her mother’s remains from South Korea and instantly remembers blocked out memories that torment her to this day. But is she more like her mother than she thinks?

E-Juice: Melon 

You Won’t Be Alone

This unique horror movie takes place in a rural village in a small country in Europe back in the 1800s. The film revolves around a young girl named Nevena who is kidnapped by a mythical, evil creature named Old Maid Maria. Nevena is transformed into a shape-shifting witch by Old Maid Maria and she begins killing villagers. She takes on the identity of each victim. This frightening horror movie has an eerie quality that will leave you creeped out.

E-Juice: Coffee 


This film is by A24 so you know it’s going to be a creative, shocking take on the horror genre. This haunting tale takes place in a secluded cottage in the English countryside. After the death of her husband, Harper has decided to spend some alone time in a large, quiet house. But she soon realizes that she’s not alone when a man starts following her. Every encounter Harper has throughout the film is frightening and raw. It also slowly brings back memories from her marriage, which was falling apart in the worst way. The end of the film is some of the most shocking imagery you’ll ever see. 

E-Juice: Vanilla


If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, this movie is for you. Julia moves to Romania with her boyfriend but soon realizes that there’s a serial killer at large in the city of Bucharest. This becomes even more haunting when she realizes a stranger has been watching her every move from an apartment window across the street. This is the kind of movie that will leave you paranoid.

E-Juice: Cucumber 

The Black Phone 

A 13-year-old boy is abducted by a serial killer known as the Grabber. He is locked in the killer’s soundproof basement but soon, he starts receiving calls from previous victims who give him hints and clues on how to survive and escape. This dark horror movie has plenty of jump scares and spooky moments that will leave you shaking. 

E-Juice: Mango

 Want to try some of these unique flavors with some entertaining movies? Check out Cyclone Pods’ collection! You’ll first need a non nicotine vape pen, which allows you to try the different flavors without the harmful side effects of nicotine. Then you can enjoy a carefree night of movies and vaping with friends as you count down till Halloween!

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