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Fragrant Indian Ice Cream Recipe

Dessert recipes frozen from the freezer have a special place for me and my entire family!

It’s hard to tell if it’s because of the warmer weather in California or the delicious creamy texture, but there’s something amazing about some Ice cream after a long day.

Every member of my family has a different preferred ice cream flavor however, I’ve always loved exotic flavors, such as this delicious and sweet flavor of India. Kulfi Machine.

It’s made from sugar, milk, and a variety of incredibly fragrant ingredients, including the floral saffron, rose water as well as the sweet pistachios and cardamom. If you’re familiar with Mother Dairy flavors (Indian brand) This will be reminiscent of their “Mawa Malai Ice cream.

In addition to the amazing flavors, a different aspect of kulfi is the process of making it. The recipe is egg-free and no-churn recipe. If you are unfamiliar with the no-churn ice cream technique, be prepared to be surprised.

It’s a no-ice-cream-maker-required recipe that makes a richer, denser, and more enjoyable ice cream for you and your family to enjoy.

Much Easier Than Traditional Stovetop Kulfi

Traditional kulfi is prepared in a large, heavy-bottomed pot that needs the reduction of milk as well as the constant stirring to stop the milk from burning. It is then required to cool before placing into the freezer. The entire process could take several hours.

Taste Comparison With Traditional Kulfi

Traditional Kuffi has an thicker, creamier texture since it is made by thickening sugar and milk without air added. The slow simmering on the stove top develops a taste like dulce de leche or caramelized cream.

This recipe for kulfi that does not require churning is a bit more similar to traditional ice cream – lightweight and airier due to the inclusion of whipping cream. Saffron’s notes rosewater, cardamom and Pistachio help balance this sweet cream and really let the flavours from India shine.

Ingredients – Notes & Substitutions

You’ll need a few of basic, yet delicious ingredients to make your own Ice cream kulfi.

This sweetened condensed milk heavy whipping cream along with chopped nuts are readily available in supermarkets. However, the particular floral ingredients are found in all Indian or international supermarkets and on Amazon.

How To Make Kulfi At Home

All you require are the electric mixer for 10 mins to prepare the base for ice cream. the rest will be left to the freezer. Simply:

1. Soak Saffron

Soak the saffron strands in warm water while whipping the cream. Alternately, add saffron and water into a microwave-safe bowl and cook for 25-30 seconds.

2. Whip Heavy Cream

In the large mixing bowl add heavy cream. Then, begin whipping it with hand mixer. Alternately, you can utilize a stand mixer, and whip attachment. Whip the cream until it produces stiff white peaks.

3. Mix with Condensed Milk

Pour a scoop of cream whipped into the condensed milk container and mix it all together. Note: This lightens the condensed milk.

4. Mix Flavorings and Nuts

Add the saffron that has been soaked and the liquid crushed cardamom, rose water and chopped nuts to the bowl. Gently fold it into. Mix till well combined.

5. Freeze Ice Cream

Pour the mix into an aluminum pan lined with parchment or a glass bowl that is freezer-safe. Cover it with an airtight lid or couple of pieces of plastic. Then place it into the freezer. It should be frozen for 6-8 hours to allow the ice cream to firm correctly. Enjoy!

Recipe Tips & Notes

  • Bloom the threads of saffron. It is important to bloom (soak in hot water) the threads of saffron prior to mixing, as this will enhance their aroma and floral flavor.
  • Be sure you chill condensed condensed milk sweetened and heavy cream. I simply pop the entire container of condensed milk along with heavy cream in a pint into the refrigerator the moment I come back from the shop to cool for a couple of hours. If the items are cold are, the more easily they will whip into the perfect consistency.
  • Include rosewater, kewra essence , or vanilla extract. Rosewater will provide an elegant, floral, refreshing taste, however, the kewra essence (made by pandanus flowers) is another excellent substitute. If none of the other options work make use of the equivalent quantity in vanilla extract. It may not be as powerful like rose water, but it will have similar floral scents.
  • Utilize one, two, or three varieties of nuts. I am partial to pistachios. However, feel at ease to mix any combination of chopped cashews, pistachios, or almonds. It is possible to skip one or two depending on your preference. Make sure they’re not salted and are chopped into the desired consistency (not grounded).

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