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Gum Bleaching: How Dentists Tried To Remove Gum Pigmentation In The Past

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Gum bleaching used to involve literally burning away an entire layer of gum tissue in the hopes of getting rid of the melanocytes (which produce pigmentation). It was painful, and it was always unlikely to result in the actual removal of pigmentation. Nowadays, patients can get effective results without all that mess, using safe lasers that gently target melanin-producing cells deep within the gum tissue and destroy them while causing minimal damage to other gum tissue. Learn more about gum bleaching today!

The History Of Bleaching Gums:

One of Dr. Bartlett’s first patients was a woman who wanted her gums bleached. At that time, gum bleaching was still a new concept and dentists weren’t quite sure how it worked or what they could expect from patients after treatment. Many patients experienced swelling of their gums and even bleeding on occasion — not exactly ideal outcomes. The good news is that with today’s knowledge and improved technology, most patients have no problem whatsoever with gum bleaching… and it only takes about an hour per session! So if you’re thinking about whitening your smile, contact our team at Best Dental Care to schedule your appointment today! We’ll get you smiling brighter than ever before.

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Why You Shouldn’t Bleach Your Gums Today?

Gums are living tissues that help maintain healthy teeth. Just like our skin and hair, there are some things we can’t control about our appearance (like body size), but there are other things we can improve through careful maintenance. When it comes to gum pigmentation, it’s important not to confuse melanin pigmentation with a gum disease called leukoplakia or white patches. To tell if you have leukoplakia, talk with your dentist during your next checkup; they may be able to remove it right away before it progresses into something more serious and painful.

How To Maintain Healthy Gums:

Before bleaching your gums, it’s important to consider how you can maintain healthy gums. It all starts with a great oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth and flossing every day is an absolute must. If you smoke cigarettes or use chewing tobacco, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your gum health (and your overall health). In addition to getting rid of the discoloration on top of your gums, quitting cigarettes will also reduce bad breath, strengthen tooth enamel and even improve body odor—which means more people will want to kiss you! When it comes time for dental bleaching, make sure that you are getting tested by a dentist who has training and experience in laser gum bleaching.

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