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What do People Also Search For (PASF) and People Also Ask (PAA) mean on Google?

by janeausten

Google is a search engine that has made it possible for internet users to discover any information online. To use a search engine effectively, keywords are required. If you type proper keywords in the search bar, you will get your result super soon. For better searching, Google is constantly improving its search engine algorithms. Recently some new features have been added by Google to enhance the search experience. It includes the feature “People Also Search For.”

Meaning of “People Also Search For”

Users can locate similar searches without thinking or typing them by using the PASF feature. In order to better understand users’ behavior, Google looks at their search queries. One can rapidly navigate back to the search engine’s result page and click on similar searches by listing related searches on the same page. Google will provide ideas on the topic you are looking for using the PASF function.

The purpose of Google’s PASF function is to examine users’ possible post-click intentions. Additionally, this function is not limited to a few related queries. Once you click on one of the similar results, it will broaden its search parameters.

What distinguishes “People Also Ask” from “People Also Search For”?

There is a difference between the “People Also Search For” and “People Also Ask features which appear below the primary search results. You can learn more about what others are looking for on Google by reading the “People Also Search For” section. The “People Also Ask” section, on the other hand, might assist you in finding more websites that could have pertinent information. PAA displays pertinent queries that individuals have asked on the subject of your search. Before you click on a result, a section called PASF pops up and displays a list of relevant searches that people have performed.

People Also Search For (PASF) is a feature that displays the terms that Google suggests for people who have searched for your keywords.

People also search for is a great way to discover new keyword ideas and learn more about your target audience’s interests.

PASF uses data from Google Search Console, which means you’ll only see it if you’ve added your website to Search Console, and only if you’re using a language supported by Search Console.

Does PASF Matter For SEO?

Absolutely it is important for SEO. The keyword phrases are taken directly from the Google database. To find out more information about a certain subject, users typically utilize search queries. You can learn more about the interests and preferences of your target audience by keeping an eye on them. By manually searching any piece of text, selecting the appropriate result, and going back to the search pages, one might discover PASF keywords.

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