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VPS vs Dedicated Server Singapore: Which is More Secure?

by janeausten
Dedicated Server Singapore


If you are willing to advance your website & build a solid customer base, you can face the confusion of picking between VPS & dedicated server for your website. These two web hosting solutions are highly prevalent for any growing website and provide high-grade web hosting benefits. However, when it comes to acquiring the utmost data security, a Dedicated Server Singapore is the winner. With this guide, we have highlighted the significance & functioning of both types of web hosting servers in order to make you apprehend which can be the perfect pick for your website. So, let’s begin dipping into the sections below to get all the insights. 

About Dedicated Server And VPS Hosting 

A virtual private server operates on the principle of virtualization technology. With the partition of the physical web hosting server using “Hypervisor”, various virtual private servers are constructed. Each VPS comes with its own dedicated web resources & provides an independent environment to host a website. No virtual private server gets the privilege to interfere between the processing & functioning of other VPSs. They function just as the platform of the dedicated web server. And, further, they help you to surpass the limitations & constraints that come under shared server web hosting plans. 

On the other side, under the Singapore dedicated server hosting, you get the whole hosting space of the central physical server as well as its web resources. The dedicated web server lets you surpass the limitations & constraints of all the other types of web hosting solutions. You can freely host your website & employ your web hosting server as per your necessities. Moreover, the physical server is only divided when you wish to share its space. 

So, you get independent hardware as well as a software platform for hosting your website with utmost flexibility. Whereas a virtual private server just mimics the web hosting environment of a dedicated server Singapore. Since there is no sharing under dedicated server hosting, you are required to pay more for a dedicated server hosting plan than one pays for a virtual private server hosting plan. However, every investment in dedicated server hosting gives high returns & maximum business profitability. 

Which Hosting Is Secure – Dedicated Server Singapore or VPS Hosting

The dedicated server in Singapore provides greater security than a virtual private server because it enables you to obtain the following administrative privileges – 

  • You can install & run any number of extra data security layers to assure the full safety of your website & its users from all security threats. 
  • You acquire complete control over your dedicated web server space & resources. This enables you to set the server configuration according to your needs & desires.
  • You can customize both the hosting environment & hardware as per the requirements of your website. 

How Dedicated Server Singapore is Best For Business Websites?

The best dedicated server hosting is the perfect pick for a business website due to the following reasons – 

  • You can host as many applications as required for your online business with high performance.
  • Your business website receives the maximum uptime network. 
  • You can run any OS that you find most compatible with your business website.
  • Your business website easily acquires unique IP address, the highest network connectivity & SSL certificate. 

Who Offers Secured Dedicated Server Singapore?

In order to make the best Singapore dedicated server, you must discover a dependable & top-notch web host such as Serverwala. Serverwala is an award-winning & industry-leading data center that is well-renowned across the world. The data center is famous for providing the best dedicated server Singapore hosting plans at the most viable price rates. Further, it is also recognized for accommodating all the demands & necessities of varied websites. 

You get the aid of top-tier equipment & powerful hardware tools based on resilient web technologies. So, with the enterprise-grade infrastructure, you can enable the smooth as well as the speediest performance of your website on a dedicated server in Singapore. You also get the opportunity to efficiently manage the traffic peaks while preventing your website from any unnecessary downtime. 

Benefits of Secured Dedicated Server Singapore From Serverwala

Here are the excellent benefits you obtain for successfully & securely hosting your website under Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server Singapore –

  • With the cheap dedicated server, you acquire progressive data security features for your website like DDoS protection, zero-cost SSL certificate, end-to-end encryption,  antivirus software, etc. 
  • You get SSH root control access to your web hosting server.
  • The data center provides control panel options, a free Softculous one-click installer, and much more. 
  • You also get highly scalable web resources with 100% SSD data storage for hosting your website. 


The dedicated server is the most cost-effective as well as and ideal web hosting solution for any website that demands ultimate data protection. It comes with high customizability, maximum uptime, server root control access, hosting flexibility, and many other administrative privileges. Further, you can acquire the best plan of dedicated servers hosting for your website from the Serverwala data center. The data center lets you acquire hyper-scale web hosting facilities with seamless technical & customer assistance. 

At Serverwala, you can also pick the fully managed web hosting services with your dedicated web server in case you are unsure about entirely administering & handling it on your own. Browse right away the informative website of Serverwala to acquire more details about the leading & most affordable Singapore dedicated server hosting plans.

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