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Best Tips for Efficient Clothes Dryer Use

by janeausten

Using the clothes dryer is a practical way to dry your clothes after each washing cycle. However, excess energy consumption can make this process a little tricky, especially with rising energy costs. This is why it’s important to make sure that you use your clothes dryer efficiently. Here are some tips that will help you make that happen.

Don’t put the wet clothes straight away

After your laundry machine is done, your first thought would be to put the sopping wet clothes in the dryer. However, that will only extend the drying time and put unnecessary strain on the appliance. So be sure to use the spin cycle program on your washing machine to remove excess water before you put garments in the clothes dryer. This will make drying a much easier process, plus it will be easier for you to remove the wet clothes from the laundry machine.

Keep the filters clean

Keeping the evaporator and lint filters clean will boost the drying performance and ensure your clothes get dry in the most efficient manner. Blocked filters can put a lot of strain on the motor, so the motor will work harder and increase energy consumption. Cleaning the filters regularly will also help with the general care and maintenance of your tumble dryer. Some dryers with smart controls will even notify you when it’s time to clean the filters, so if you have that option available, then be sure to use it.

Use your dryer to dry similar fabrics together

Nowadays, the majority of modern dryers can allow the mixing of different fabrics. But, in order to increase efficiency and lower energy consumption, it is best to use your dryer and dry similar fabrics together. The reason for that lies in the fact that similar fabrics take about the same time to dry. Mixing different fabrics can put a strain on your dryer because it might keep the machine running in order to dry two or three items, while the rest of your clothes are already dry.

Place your dryer in a well-ventilated room

This is an important tip especially if you own a vented dryer. However, maybe you don’t have that much room in your home, and in that case, you cannot be picky with where you place your dryer. However, there’s one tip that can help you there. If you absolutely have to keep your dryer in a room that’s not ventilated enough, then be sure to always keep the door open while you’re using your tumble dryer. This will increase the efficiency of the device and make sure that the circulation of air isn’t causing any damage.

Don’t overload or underload the drum

It is crucial to put a reasonable amount of clothes in the dryer. This is the key to getting the best performance out of the appliance. If you overload it, you’re also hindering the drying performance. On the other hand, if you underload it, you’ll end up using the full worth of the program’s energy for a few garments only. Make sure to read the instruction manual in order to determine the optimal amount of clothes that should go in the appliance. The rule of thumb generally states that filling the drum a bit over halfway is the right decision.

Don’t leave the clothes in the dryer

After the dryer is done, you might be tempted to leave the clothes there until you find the time to fold them and store them properly. However, leaving the clothes inside the dryer. If you must leave it there, then be sure to switch it off in order to prevent the device from using additional energy. Also, taking it out from the dryer immediately will prevent creasing. In case the dryer has an anti-creasing program, then be sure to use it as well.

A tumble dryer is one of the best household appliances that will surely make clothes maintenance much easier to manage. However, it is also important to follow these tips in order to make the best out of your dryer. Plus, you’ll prÅevent excess energy consumption, and your clothes will look their best, regardless of the device that you own and use.

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