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Gojek Clone: Multi-service All in One App for Startups

by janeausten
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Entrepreneurs around the world are opting for Gojek clone multi-service apps. On-demand multi-service apps are making things easier for customers. From helping customers to book a ride to ordering groceries, and sending parcels, this app is literally helping people with their daily chores. 

Every corner of the world from Indonesia to the USA and Nigeria, entrepreneurs are looking for affordable business solutions with a quick time to market capabilities. So, before you try to kick start your business, read this blog. 

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Build a Multi-service All-in-One App 

To build a multi-service app, you need to ensure that the platform is feature-rich. Every feature integrated into the app must serve a useful purpose. For example, mentioned here are some of the top futuristic features your all-in-one Gojek Clone app must have: 

Advanced analytics 

The Advanced Analytics and Advanced Reports features are integrated to help the entrepreneur get insights about the number of services booked, the number of services canceled, preferred payment mode, etc. 

Furthermore, entrepreneurs can easily track their earnings, commissions, and so on. In simpler terms, advanced analytics empowers the entrepreneur to improve their business plan. 

Real-time order/ride status 

Getting real-time ride or status is one of the important things customers expect from an on-demand app. With this feature pre-integrated into the app, you can see an increased customer engagement and people will see your platform as valuable! 

Online payment methods 

The online payment methods available on the platform are secured by payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Visa, etc. Each of the transactions is protected and secured against any kind of data breach. 

With this assurance, you can ask your customers to rely on the platform and make online payments. Moreover, the variety of payment methods available on the app include wallet-to-wallet transfer, mobile money, and credit cards. 

Gojek Clone App: Multiple Services You Must Integrate 

The on-demand multi-service app offers more than 82 services from different genres like transportation and logistics, health and wellness, academics, beauty, etc. To understand each of them in detail, here are the eight service categories of the Gojek-like app. 

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Online taxi booking 

Enables the customers to book a taxi ride from their smartphone or iWatch app. The app allows them to book Uber-like taxi services including booking a rental and car-pool. Ride-hailing is also available.  

This service is backed by multiple COVI-19 safety features such as facemask verification, ride cancellation, safety rating & review, restricted passenger limit, etc. 

Online video consultation 

Online video consultation with doctors, astrologers, lawyers, academic tutors, fitness coaches, etc. can be booked or scheduled with this Gojek-like app. Customers need not physically visit the clinic or the service provider’s location until something very serious comes up. 

Moreover, the automatic payment from linked credit cards makes it even easier to opt for a video consultation service. 

Service bidding 

Bid for handyman services on the all-in-one Gojek clone app. Here, customers need to post a task for the handyman and mention their budget. Now interested handymen can accept the offer, reject, or even make an offer. 

If they make an offer, the providers and customers can start negotiations. 

On-demand delivery 

On-demand delivery of food, groceries, medicines, etc., make it possible for the customers to get everything delivered to their doorstep. Thus, they don’t have to wait in long queues or even drive to the location to stop for the items. 

On-demand services 

On-demand services means that your customers can easily book professional services like beauticians, car washers, electricians,  etc. The on-demand multi-service mobile app provides customers the option to check the provider’s proximity to the location, portfolio, ratings & review, etc. before hiring them. 

Parcel delivery 

With the Gojek clone app, your customers can send parcels from X to Y locations in the same city. It is similar to Uber services, the only difference is that here stuff moves from one place to another and not people. 

The customers can choose one or multiple delivery addresses and even select their preferred cargo vehicle for delivery. 

Delivery Genie and Runner 

Delivery Genie is the personal shopper while the Runner runs errands for the customers. The two delivery professionals can be easily hired from the application. Customers can easily add the details of the items they want and get things delivered to their place in only a few minutes of placing the order. 

On-demand medical services 

The Gojek clone app on-demand medical services enables the customers to order medicines online, book an appointment with the pet’s vet, book an ambulance, conduct an online video consultation with the doctor, etc. 

In conclusion: 

Summing up, you need to get a pre-built Gojek clone app and launch it in 1 to 2 weeks. Remember to take considerable time while testing the Gojek Clone demo. 

Get the app and become an entrepreneur in the shortest possible time!

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