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5 Ways to Simplify Your Travels

by janeausten

Travel can get complicated. Some travel complications are beyond your control. However, there are things you can do to make traveling easier.

Every experienced traveler knows how to simplify their trip. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a travel expert to travel simply. You just have to plan well.

Here are five ways to make your next trip easier.

  1. Plan Well

You can’t plan for everything.

But you can plan for just about everything.

Know what the common travel delays and problems are.

Have a plan in place for when those things go wrong.

One of the most common problems is a travel delay. You can’t make a flight arrive sooner. Plan something you can do during this time.

Another common problem is booking mistakes.

Be familiar with your destination. Research other places you could stay.

Have everything written down in case your phone dies.

Print out your boarding passes instead of using your phone.

Carry an extra power bank and charging cord.

Have more than one plan in place. Plan B won’t always work. Be prepared for the fact that you might need to come up with a new plan.

If you are nervous about something, go over your plan with other travelers.

They will have ideas for you.

  1. Follow The Rules

Don’t pack things that you aren’t allowed to take.

Keep in mind that rules constantly change. You might not know you’re carrying something you aren’t allowed to bring. Check the rules.

There are some things you’d be surprised you can carry.

For example, here’s information on how to travel with medical marijuana.

Generally, you are only allowed to travel with a certain amount of liquids in your carry-on. Larger liquids need to go in your checked bag.

Weapons are not allowed.

If you’re traveling internationally, the rules are stricter.

You probably won’t be able to bring fruits and vegetables. You may only be allowed to take a certain amount of alcohol. The regulations vary from country to country.

Covid and vaccine regulations change constantly.

It’s important to stay up to date with the most recent rules.

Otherwise, you might not be able to fly.

Double-check that your passport is still valid.

It usually needs to be valid for up to six months after your trip.

Missing your trip because of a rule would be a shame.

  1. Simplify Your Route

Having multiple connections might be cheaper.

But it also allows for more things to go wrong during the journey.

Try to fly through as few airports as possible.

Think about the layout of your destination.

A hotel farther away from the center of town might be cheaper.

However, it will take you longer to get there.

You might have to use public transportation once you arrive at your destination. That leads to more potential problems.

Ask someone who has been to your destination what it’s like.

Most information is easily available on the internet.

  1. Pack Efficiently

If you can, travel with only a carry-on.

Invest in some good travel luggage like one of these sets.

Practice packing. Think about what you’re going to need first.

Pack these items in a place where they are easy to reach.

Weigh your items before you get to the airport.

Be prepared that you might need to re-arrange things. Don’t pack things so tightly that this becomes difficult.

Separate the items that you’ll need to take out through security.

You will need to take out laptops and other electronics.

This sometimes includes cameras.

Make sure to leave some room for souvenirs.

  1. Stay Relaxed

Travel disasters can happen.

Remember that you will survive. You will make it to your destination.

Even if you are late, there’s not much you can do.

If you’re traveling for work, explain what’s happening.

Your colleagues should understand. They will be accommodating.

Communicate your problems.

If you’re overwhelmed about something, tell someone.

Call your best friend or your spouse.

Ask them for some advice. Or just ask them to listen to what you’re going through. Talking through problems is a good idea.

Stay positive. Things will get better.


You don’t need to be an experienced traveler to travel well. Be prepared, pack well, and stay positive. And bon voyage!

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