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What Are The 5 Main Categories Of Custom Gift Boxes?

by janeausten

Find the best gift packaging in the UK at GoCustom boxes. They stock up a variety of gift box packaging and offer custom designing and packaging suppliers. You can get personalized gift boxes for any kind of product and party. From simple cardboard gift boxes to collapsible gifts, gift boxes with ribbon, printed gift boxes, foldable, drawer style, and luxury gift boxes, they have every style and size. Get the benefit of their custom gift boxes wholesale and buy custom gift boxes in bulk from the best packaging company in the UK. You can get customized gift packaging at your doorstep as they are offering free delivery services all over the UK as well.

Top-quality gift boxes made up of eco-friendly packaging material are what you want to up your marketing game and win the hearts of customers. Go custom boxes is here to do all this for you. Shop online and get your favourite gift boxes at your door! We all talk about the different types of boxes and packaging but what if I tell you the box that is the same but available in 5 unique and interesting categories? Indeed, you guys would love to know about this, so to continue this fact, as by the name of the title you guys are aware that my today’s article is all about gift packing. My main point is to highlight the 5 main categories of customized gift packing. Instead of dragging this further, let’s get the ball rolling and reveal the hidden interesting categories of these packaging together.

Biodegradable Drawer Gift Boxes:

The first main or you can say the major category of these boxes which is common but also become the source to make these gift boxes unique is eco-friendly drawer-style boxes. Drawers like the look of the box make things secretive. Customers can easily pull out the box from a paper holder like a drawer to view the product. This is suitable for many products like cosmetics, watches, fashion jewellery, etc. I don’t know how many boxes are come up with this benefit but among the series of others and part of the customization benefit these boxes are no doubt ideal for all types of product packing as well as environment-friendly too.

Presentable Gift Folding Boxes:

The next category or the main point of these foldable gift box packaging is that they are qualitative and presentable. So it doesn’t matter whether you are packing any fragile item, eatery item, general, solid, or makeup stuff in all ways they are best for your product why? Because of these boxes’ sturdy (solid) nature In simple words, foldable gift boxes are enough to protect your product from any kind of germs or dirt. These are rigid and best for fragile items as well. These can be used for perfumes and other fragile items with beautiful inside cushioning, adding luxury style. Rest, they are presentable so you can display your product mannerly without doing any kind of additional creativity.

Printable, Rigid, and Personalized Gift Boxes:

The next main category of these boxes is that they are available in printed styling patterns. So like if you want something unique and different from the styles and designs then the printed theme is no doubt a great deal for you guys to consider, Rest, because of their good quality these boxes are rigid by nature and free from any kind of chemical process, the third thing is these boxes are also available in personalized packaging that’s why you guys have heard that these boxes are also well-known by the name of personalized gift boxes. Just because of these benefits you can make your packaging more appealing and catchy.

Magnetic Closure Boxes:

Another main category of these boxes is magnetic closure boxes. Each magnetic closure box has two parts. One is the outer where branding has been done. You can do custom designing and printing here. And other is the inside part where you put up the product. These are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. So it doesn’t matter if your product is small in size or large in both conditions these boxes are enough to wrap your product. You can get all kinds of designs and styles in concise as well as spacious box packaging too. These are popular nowadays and consumers love the magnetic closure and keep those boxes for storing other products as well. All you need to do is pick the right size packaging box for your product and that’s it. Isn’t it great? Certainly, it is.

Online, Physical, and Custom Gift Boxes Wholesale:

Another main category of these boxes is that they are also known as the custom gift boxes wholesale. Yes, that means it doesn’t matter if you are buying these boxes online or physically in both situations these boxes are available at wholesale rates and enough to secure your money. Isn’t it a great benefit? Indeed, it is apart from other boxes and packaging they are cost-effective and know this fact how to turn your box packaging look attractive and impressive in the eyes of your buyers without doing anything over. Rest, if you love decency and prefer simplicity then, again these boxes are also available in decent and simple forms of packaging.


I hope after reading the mentioned above points you guys are aware that what are the 5 main categories of these boxes or why these boxes are highly demandable as compared to other boxes or packaging. Despite this, if you want to know anything else in detail then, without any asking feel free to write me in the mentioned comment section box. I would love to trigger your queries and questions and will try my level best to counter them all along with some relevant suggestions, recommendations, and answers.

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