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Tips For Choosing The Right Welcome Matting Material

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Right Welcome Matting Material

Welcome mats or Entrance mats function as a vital element of the entryway for commercial buildings and modern domestic apartments. These mats can multiply the aesthetic appeal of an entryway by many folds besides preventing the build-up of dust and debris in front of the doorway. Adding to that, welcome mats can prevent slip and fall accidents, thanks to the anti-slip backing material of these mats.

Hence, entrance mats have attained the status of a must-have essential in any modern apartment or commercial public place by offering so many amazing benefits. Adding to that, there are some important factors that should be taken into account for selecting the best welcome mats.

Material composition is the foremost factor that plays a major role in the selection of an entrance mat. Yes, you’ve read it right, material selection is really important because it accounts for the mat’s durability, performance, and value-for-money feature. At Mats Dubai, we’re going to explain the tips for choosing the best welcome matting material considering this utmost selection requirement.

Choosing The Best Welcome Mat Material | A Complete Guide

Having an insight into the characteristic features of various door mat materials can help you select the best option for your place. For this purpose, you’ll need to take a look at the material type, quality, pattern, and design aspects of welcome mats. We’ve discussed all these material considerations one by one in this article thus, providing complete information on this topic.

1. Compare The Different Types Of Materials

For sure, no one can select the best material for a welcome mat without having a comparison between all the available types. For this purpose, you’ll need to have knowledge of all the available material types for entrance mats.

And having that said, we would like you to know that there are many different options for the mat’s surface as well as backing materials. In the info mentioned ahead, we’ve covered both criteria separately to help you get a precise idea about each and thus make better choices.

1. Types Of Material Options For The Mat’s Surface

We’ve listed below some of the best surface material options for welcome mats.

1. Nylon

As we all know, nylon is a synthetic fabric and has endless practical applications for upholstery, window coverings, etc. However, there is a type of nylon fabric named “Polyamide” that is used as the surface material to manufacture hard-wearing welcome mats.

Crush, stain, and fade resistant properties, durability, and luxurious appearance are some other features of polyamide fabric. Besides, welcome mats comprising this type of nylon fabric dry quickly, as well.

2. Polypropylene

The abrasive texture of this thermoplastic polymer imparts an effective scraping action to the welcome mats manufactured using this surface material. Also, this surface material choice is quite affordable in comparison to nylon fabrics while offering the exact amount of durability expected from nylon-manufactured welcome mats.

3. Coir

Coir is a natural fiber, obtained from coconut husk, which makes it an all-natural and eco-friendly choice. Most welcome mats used for domestic purposes feature surfaces comprising coir as the composition material.

4. Cotton

Cotton is renowned for its absorbent and quick-drying properties and therefore, offers many advantages when used to manufacture entrance mats.

5. Microfibre

Ease of cleaning, durability, absorbent properties, and stylish appearance are some eye-catching features of microfibre thus, making it an ideal option to be used as a welcome matting material.

6. Synthetic Rubber

The type of rubber used as welcome matting material is named Nitrile rubber (synthetic rubber). Welcome mats comprising this type of rubber material have high resistance to heat and feature non-slip characteristics. Also, these entrance mats come in an extensive range of design options. 

2. Types Of Material Options For The Mat’s Backing

Here are some of the most popular choices of the backing material for welcome mats.

1. Nitrile Rubber

Welcome mats comprising nitrile rubber as the backing material prove to last longer and offer resistance to heat besides being impervious to oils and other chemical damages.

2. Polyvinyl Chloride

This can prove to be an inexpensive backing material but demands proper care and maintenance. Also, these welcome mats are not suitable to be used for cold climate conditions featuring regular temperature shifts because under such conditions PVC backing will become brittle and might crack, too.

2. Look For The Quality Of Matting Material

After finalizing the type of material for the entrance mat’s surface and backing, you need to consider the material quality next. Adding to that, you should never compromise on the quality of the matting material because material quality accounts for the durability, resilience, and longevity of the welcome mats.

Hence, irrespective of the type of material you choose for your welcome mat, always go with the top-end option on the quality scale. Because welcome mats are placed in high-traffic areas and have to withstand extreme conditions, the material quality should never be ignored. Otherwise, you will simply see your valuable investment go down the drain.

3. Consider The Material Design For Welcome Mats

During production, matting materials are shaped into different elegant designs and patterns. Adding to that, vinyl and rubber mats feature a wide variety of materialistic patterns for adding to the aesthetic appeal of the entryway. Therefore, you should take into account various designs and patterns for choosing the best welcome matting material.

In A Nutshell!

There are many crucial aspects that should be taken care of for choosing welcome mats. Out of all these factors, material composition plays a significant role in the selection of the best entrance mats. In this article, we’ve mentioned the tips for choosing the right welcome matting material which includes a comparison between the different available material options and consideration of the quality, design, and pattern of the welcome matting material.

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