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Things to Keep in Mind While Driving Luxury Cars in Dubai

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Dubai is home to many luxury car dealerships. The city is a symbol of wealth and luxury. Driving new cars in Dubai is alarming if a driver doesn’t have the right information and understanding of nearby traffic. Those not accustomed to driving on fast and huge roads will find adjusting to driving in Dubai difficult. Safety measures should be taken on the streets of Dubai. You must follow the driving tips whether renting a car or owning one. There are several luxury cars on the streets in Dubai, so you need to keep these tips in mind:

Things to Consider While Driving Luxury Cars in Dubai

Must have a driving license:

To obtain a license, you must be 21 or older and hold a valid driver’s license from your home state. If you are not 30 yet, your driving license must have been issued at least three years before the date of application. In addition, all licenses issued in the US are valid here.


Protect your car at a reasonable distance from the cars in front of you. Consistently follow the “three-second standard,” which states that your automobile must be three seconds behind the car directly in front of you. It manages space and speed. Regardless of someone invading this space, be generous enough to back out and change again.

Helpless visibility:

Vehicles with cloudy windows have terrible peripheral visibility in the evening so keep a strategic distance from them. Some drivers don’t turn on their headlights because they accept that they can see the road and lights aren’t necessary. They make a big mistake as lights are fundamental for different drivers to see. Accidents of luxury new and used cars in Dubai are common due to this helpless view.


Overtaking new and used cars in Dubai is very common, regardless of whether it’s against primary traffic rules. Be careful when changing lanes or pulling off on slip streets, as you may get hit by vehicles flying down on your side. Check your mirrors and vulnerable sides before moving to another lane.


The streets of Dubai boast many fast vehicles; They include top game vehicles and monster 4x4s that arrive at incredibly high speeds. Speeding has been checked due to the use of technology speed cameras, which have proved to be an effective way of catching drivers who exceed the speed limit. However, despite this, several drivers still drive as though they are playing a computer game.

Path Discipline:

The lack of path discipline on the streets is significant in Dubai. At the last possible second, individuals swerve wildly from the fast lane to an off-road intersection. Be prepared for all trails to be traveled at different speeds, and it won’t be surprising to see 120km or more on the ‘moderate’ trail and 80km on the ‘fast’ trail!

Avoid Large Trucks:

Try to stay protected from trucks as much as possible. They won’t stop quickly and won’t see you if you are next to them or in front of them. Be extra alert when following a truck.

Obey the Traffic Rules:

The UAE is an ideal place to learn how to drive a car. The roads are well-maintained, and the traffic department sets relatively high-speed limits outside rush hours.

However, the fines for exceeding the speed limit are just as high. So remember that you are allowed to drive to the following destinations:

  • 40 to 60 km/h in the town
  • 100 km/h on motorways
  • 140 km/h on the highways
  • Minimum 60 km/h on some motorways

How do you maintain a luxury car?

Luxury cars require regular maintenance and attention to keep them in top condition. Here are some tips for maintaining a new or used car in Dubai:

  • Regularly wash and wax your car. It will help keep the paint looking shiny and protect it from harmful elements.
  • Regular professional cleaning is necessary to maintain the interior of your vehicle. It will remove dirt and dust, as well as keep upholstery looking like new.
  • Check the tires regularly, ensuring they are properly inflated and have enough tread. Rotate them every few months to ensure optimal performance.
  • Change the oil and have the engine regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check the fluid levels and make sure there are no leaks.

These tips will help keep your new or used car in Dubai in top condition for years.

Which luxury car is the easiest and cheapest to maintain?

You must consider a few key factors when deciding which luxury car brand is the cheapest to maintain. First, what defines “cheap” to you? Second, what are your habits regarding driving? Finally, how much do you budget for maintenance and repairs?

When it comes to the cost of car maintenance, it depends on how you drive and how often you visit a luxury car workshop. If you drive your car less frequently or do not drive long distances, you may be able to save money by forgoing basic services such as oil changes.

On the one hand, if you prefer to drive your luxury car daily and put a lot of miles on it, then you will have to be mentally prepared to spend more on luxury car service. Generally, however, brands such as BMW and Audi are cheaper and easy to maintain than brands such as Rolls-Royce or Rolls-Royce.

Eventually, it all boils down to finding the right balance between cost and quality in luxury car maintenance. An excellent way to ensure that you are 

getting the best value for your new car price in Dubai is by paying attention to maintenance, which will reduce the cost of repairs over time.


Having a luxury car, either its new or used car, in Dubai, is a dream for many individuals, but it’s crucial to remember that with that entitlement comes big responsibility. To keep your car in refined condition and avoid unnecessary repairs, follow the tips explained in this guide while driving a luxury car. Following these driving tips can help you get a good deal on your used or new car price in Dubai when you decide to sell your luxury car.

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