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How To Know Your SEO Optimization Strategy Is Working

by janeausten

Is SEO beneficial? Who doesn’t value a return on investment that is greater? When done correctly, search engine optimization in Perth may be a long-term investment that pays rewards. And who doesn’t like receiving more money back?

How much time does SEO take?

It depends on how competitive the market and the keywords are. Typically, it takes 3 to 6 months to see results from SEO, but if you’re in a very competitive sector, it might take up to a year. Many businesses decide on a long-term SEO plan due to the significance of the practice and the potential for sizable returns on investment. When SEO is successful, you should expect a constant increase in customers, leads, and sales.

How to evaluate the success of SEO

If you’ve been doing SEO for a week or a few quarters and you still aren’t ranking at the top for your keywords, don’t panic; it doesn’t mean your SEO is unsuccessful. To assess the success of your SEO strategy, you must keep an eye on several crucial SEO performance metrics.


When your website appears in search engine results but isn’t viewed, it creates an impression. Impressions are a great place to start because, in most cases, optimizing for keywords won’t result in you showing up right away on the first page. Even if you could show up in searches, your chances of being clicked on are decreased because you’ll likely start on lower pages. The reality that you are informed that you are beginning to rank for particular keywords is the most important one since it will allow you to continue working for the first page. You can look at your organic impressions using Google Search Console. To achieve this:

You may compare different periods to see whether there has been an improvement. Your SEO approach is successful if there is an increase in organic search impressions.

Organic Traffic

Rankings aren’t SEO’s main objective; let’s face it, and increasing traffic and revenues should be your ultimate objective. Therefore, growth in organic traffic is a great sign that your SEO approach is effective.

Concentrating on information about organic traffic, not traffic, is vital due to potential repercussions from actions other than SEO. A decrease in organic traffic, on the other hand, can indicate that your SEO approach isn’t doing as well as you’d want.

Comparing the present period to last year is essential when analyzing visits to gauge your SEO efficiency effectively.

Ranking by Pages Count

Another great indicator of how well your SEO works is how many pages you rank for. If the number of pages you are listing increases, your SEO approach is working; if it decreases, it might mean that you are having troubles, which could be caused by punishments or indexing issues. Some optimized websites may not appear in search results if an indexing issue exists.

Because of this, search engines might be unable to scan your website properly. Even if just one person clicks on each page, you should appear for more pages if you optimize more pages.

Google Search Console lets you track how many pages you are ranked for.

To examine every page ranking for SEO, follow the methods outlined above for impressions and next-pick pages.

The number of backlinks

On-page SEO and link development are both essential. It measures your website’s backlink profile, which is an important performance indicator. More hyperlinks will point to your website if your SEO campaign is effective. If you are outsourcing your SEO, you should keep an eye on this indication to guarantee that they take the right actions to raise your ranks and provide beneficial SEO results.

Keep track of your backlinks to see if they are growing or decreasing or whether the number of root sites from which they are originating and the total number of links stay the same.

Monitoring the quality of such links is also essential. You could be harmed by low-quality connections, just as harmful as receiving none. Several tools, such as Majestic SEO & AHREFS, enable you to keep track of the backlinks pointing to your website and offer a grade for their quality.

Links to other websites’ recommendations

An important part of SEO is your link-building plan. You should naturally receive referral traffic from such websites using proper link-building techniques and looking for connections from reliable, pertinent websites.

The website name and page authority

An indication of how well your website performs in comparison to competitors is its domain and page authority. Moz, an SEO software business, will rate your website’s total domain authority and web pages from 1 to 100 on a logarithmic scale. Your score increases as your site’s authority increases, and your backlink profile plays a significant role in the domain and page authority. In light of this, your domain authority will likely rise if you use strong on-page and off-page SEO techniques.


The main reasons we spend money on SEO are the outcomes we want: more traffic, leads, and sales. Conversion rates—the proportion of visitors who go to your website and do the desired action—is the finest performance indicators. How many additional leads are you getting? Have more calls been made recently? Does your contact list for emails expand? Do e-commerce websites appear to be selling more products? These metrics will help you determine your ROI and let you know how effectively your SEO is working.


Before starting an SEO strategy, check your positions for the list of search phrases you want to target. By keeping an eye on whether your rankings are improving, declining, or just staying the same on a weekly or monthly basis, you can use this information to assess your SEO results and performance in the future.

To check if you’re chasing the proper keywords, it’s also crucial to monitor your ranking. It may be a clue that you’re targeting particularly competitive keywords if, after a 30- or 60-day period, you still aren’t ranked for the keywords you’re targeting. In this case, you should decide if it works better for you to keep focusing on those keywords. Getting already ranked keywords to the front page is much simpler.


You may gain the knowledge you need to enhance and expand your SEO strategy in SEO Perth by examining these three metrics: first keyword ranking, second traffic from organic search, and the last is conversions/ROI from organic search. Although SEO requires time, the work is worth it.

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