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DNA Testing and its Impact on Paternity Determinations

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Seldom situations occur where proper DNA Tests Grand Prairie is required to provide authentic proof of parentage. In many cases establishing maternity is not difficult as the woman who gave birth to the child is the legal and genetic mother. Additionally, this is the only proof that is required in many scenarios. However, in order to establish fatherhood, a paternity test is quite helpful. Similarly, scientists have to work backward, such as from baby to alleged father, in order to know the real nature of the relationship. In the past, when there were noDNA test kits, some specific phenotypes were evaluated in order to identify the biological father. However, there were many issues with this system, and one of the main reasons was yielding inconclusive results. as a result, since the 1990s, a certain approach has been used, such as looking for specific genotype markers in order to establish paternity.

Utilizing Blood Typing in paternity tests

The procedure of DNA fingerprinting was created by Alec Jeffreys in 1984, and in 1988 it was available for Paternity Testing Santa Clarita CA; blood types were used to determine parenthood. Blood groups are one of the best ways to see Mendelian genetics at function. Afterward, there are many human blood groups with multiple alleles, and these alleles show many dominance patterns. 

In these modern times, ABO typing is known as the blood typing system. In this process, identifying antigens on red blood cells is encoded by the ABO locus on human chromosome 9. In the ABO system, the A and B alleles are codominant, and the O allele is recessive. Hence if a person’s ABO blood type is O, there will be two O alleles in his or her blood. Meanwhile, if a person’s blood type is A, they might have two A alleles or one A allele and one O allele. Similarly, if a person has ABO blood type of B, this display that there might be two B alleles or one O allele and one B allele. Moreover, people with AB blood type describe they have inherited both A and B alleles.

If there is a situation of ambiguous paternity, the ABO blood typing process is used to rule out a false father. For instance, a person with type AB blood can never have a child with O-type blood, as he would pass either the A or B allele to all of his offspring. However, no matter how advantageous the ABO typing is, it can never be the most optimum DNA testing process for confirming the paternity of a child.

Looking back, the most famous case of paternity was in 1943, when starlet Joan Barry stated that the popular actor Charlie Chaplin was the father of her child. There were no proper DNA test kits Palatine IL at that time, so blood tests were used, and they excluded Charlie from being the father of the child. However, the court didn’t accept these results as reliable evidence. As a result, the court ordered the famous actor to pay for child support. Afterward, this case initiated a change in the laws. Hence a new era of forensic evidence was started.

Genetic ties and the family:

With the advancements in reproductive and genetic technology, there has also been seen a rise in the legal, bioethical and medical questions that are particularly associated with paternity testing. The questions like who is your father? Has been around us for generations now. But due to the twenty-first-century social media influence, this matter has gained a new spur, and the whole DNA testing industry has built around it. Many of these organizations have made their own DNA testing kits that can be used for personal reasons. On the other hand, there are also other processes that can help you in legal situations.

Utilization of paternity testing 

With the passage of time, there has been a lot of improvement in the genetic testing section. However, this improvement isn’t only limited to the results of these tests, but the enhancements can be seen in many other evaluating processes. For instance, DNA technology has become so advanced that it can identify the paternity with the help of a grandparent’s DNA, a cousin’s DNA, saliva on a cup of coffee, or you can find out the paternity of an unborn baby. Some other testing processes, like forensic analysis, are being used in court matters. On the hand, Direct customer tests like DNA testing kits are not admissible in court.

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